The new trailer for Psst! Pass It On 2 is up with a complete list of the visual and audio artists involved – looks very tasty. And congrats to Bran and the cast of thousands that labored on PSST! 1 for their win at the Cream O’ The Crop Awards given out at Inspire 07. […] [Read more]


I’m not usually a fan of advertising that uses parkour, break dancing, or the defiance of physics to sell economy vehicles – but this new spot from Clockwork VFX is just sheer madness and total fun. [Read more]

Christian Bevilacqua can do more than doodle

Director Christian Bevilacqua (repped by Therapy Films out of London) has made a much-deserved splash lately with his ball point opus for Samaritans posted just about everywhere, but you have to check out this multi-technigue viral he did for a UK used car price guide called Parkers. [Read more]


It’s no Wallace & Gromit, but it does have a similar senselessness to it.Watch Coca-Cola "NASCAR Thank You Race", and it’s making-of. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, PortlandProduction: RSA FilmsAnimation: Aardman AnimationsDirector: Darren Robbie [Read more]


Brazilian designer Marcelo Garcia did all the work for this strikinglyfresh experimental motion work. Marcelo is a director at Molhostudios. A link to the showreel HERE.  [Read more]


In Alfonso Cuaron’s latest filmic dystopia "Children of Men" the privilege of designing all the futuristic media screens throughout the cityscapes was granted to Foreign Office. They did a phenomenal job, especially with the seamlessly integrated ads that all strike a sort of false-optimisitc tone in a world that has pretty much gone to shit. […] [Read more]

mo/de for *ecko unltd.

mo/de in Chicago produces both the visual and music for these two nice bumpers for in-store and web. I think "DNA" is the stronger piece but that’s just me. Check out "The Niche" and "DNA: Court". [Read more]


Elegant dancing auto parts make a perfect fit for the 2006 Auto Trophy awards from German design/animation studio Sehsucht, whom I adore, but find myself still unable to pronounce. [Read more]