• Garden Party animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

    Welcome to the “Garden Party”

    Amphibians of various shapes and stickiness crash the aftermath of a decadent party, indulging in the leftovers and satin sheets before uncovering a dark secret hidden at the bottom of the pool. [Read more]


AWN’s annual roundup of Oscar contenders is up – you can watch clips from all the short and feature animated nominees. The new Pixar film called Lifted looks like good fun. But looking at some of the other shorts it’s a complete mystery why Charlex’s One Rat Short didn’t make the final five. [Read more]


New from Pistachios, Psyop/Blacklist’s Swedish darlings, comes a slew of new PSAs for a Partnership for a Drug Free America. Freehand doodled and witty to boot. Two of my favs are "Not Again" and "Stop Looking At Me". The rest of the spots began airing across the US during last week’s American Idol, leaving those […] [Read more]


Digital Kitchen is expanding to meet growing demand and looking to immediately recruit the following positions in their Seattle, Chicago and New York City studios: 1. Editor – Creative for DIGITALKITCHEN 2. Creative Lead, design/agency oriented 3. Creative Lead, 3D/animation oriented 4. Creative, design/boarding oriented Get full details and contact info in the JOBS FEED. [Read more]


NickToons asked Adolescent for "over-the-top, adrenalin-driven, absurd scenarios" aimed at boys and the NY studio gave them these three IDs set in a bizarre arena full of trippy characters (including Spin-Psycho, Squid-O-Watt, Canman and Balloonimal) waging slapstick battle. [Read more]

Colourmovie needs a Junior Designer / Animator

Among other responsibilities, this person will assist design and animation staff by creating supplemental boards and logo studies for pitches, preparing presentations, and designing and animating show packages. To start in February. We are looking for a bright applicant who is interested in a career as a motion designer and who has good communication skills.  […] [Read more]

Billy Bananas

In Dead Man Walkin’, one of a series of Comedy Central ID spots produced by Interspectacular, Tristan Eaton’s cute yet nuts Billy Bananas pays for a life of crime and mischief with a wacky blue and red laced 3D trip to the "chair" and a ‘toon afterlife.  Billy Bananas, the incorrigible simian,  will soon be […] [Read more]

VCCP + Clear for Hyundai “Fluid”

Hyundai “Fluid” is one of the first completed spots shot with the new “Phantom Hd” high-speed data camera (still a prototype). The camera is capable of shooting true HD up to 1000fps which was necessary to shoot the model cars interacting in silver paint. Using Flame, Clear Post replaced the models in the shot footage […] [Read more]


1st Ave Machine has just completed a new ridiculously attractive music video that blends CG elements with live action insects for the band Clark. The track is called "TED" and you’ll be seeing this beauty popping up all over the place in the next week, month, year. It’s a keeper. God I love CG entomology. […] [Read more]