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    Merc Meets ANL: Kool Keith X MF Doom “SuperHero”

    The Aardman Nathan Love crew blow right past their regular 3D character animation parking space to join director Kris Merc in the pop-culture passing lane with this seizure-inducing torrent of multimedia disguised as the music video for Kool Keith X MF Doom ‘”Super Hero’.” [Read more]

Drew lightfoot

Here’s two recent (and completely divergent) MVs from Canadian animator/director Drew lightfoot – a name you may recognize as part of the Head Gear crew from Toronto or credits of Corpse Bride. Particularily impressive is the nuanced motion he captures on the Constantines clip (found via Cliptip) while animating the decidely low-res media of rocks […] [Read more]


World Wide Campaign. Salvame’s latest endeavors target Italy, Germany, Taiwan. ¡ Enjoy !   [Read more]

Steinbranding opens in NY

Buenos Aires design studio Steinbranding have joined the legion of animation and design studios expanding into NYC. Linda-Lee Stevens, who was responsible for expanding Steinbranding’s four-year old Miami operation, will head up the NY office (1-646–873-7740).     [Read more]


Great design can happen in a second, especially if you have the mind and experience of Paula Scher to back you. Watch this fascinating mini-doc on Scher via NOTCOT and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Plus, don’t let your efficiency hurt your pocketbook – here’s an interesting companion article on the pricing of good […] [Read more]


Limore Shur of EyeballNYC just sent over the company’s slick new reel highlighting the studio’s commitment to technical innovation and creative professionalism. Go ahead glimpse the future… [Read more]


New eye-catching and supposedly low budget (although it’s damn hard to tell) music video from London animation studio Duckeye for the Zero 7 track Futures featuring Jose Gonzalez.     [Read more]


With the Ottawa International Animation Festival just around the corner, take a moment to check out the National Film Board’s Focus on Animation archive of 50 Canadian animated short films. There’s plenty of Oscar nominated picks in the collection, including the 1988 Cordell Barker classic "The Cat Came Back". Non-Canadians be warned, spend too much […] [Read more]

‘Under the Cherry Tree’

Conceived and directed by Animal Logic’s Dael Oates, this new video for Australian alt-rock trio Telemetry Orchestra looks at love’s insurmountable obstacles through a sepia-soaked allegory. Illustrator Matt Boug helped work up designs for the storyboard, characters and environments before the 2D and 3D teams at AL got busy. The nostalgic vibe is helped along […] [Read more]