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    Zaoeyo Opens Pause 2017

    If, like us (and most of the planet), you were enthralled by the refractive magic of the spec title sequence “Organic Machines” by Beijing visual designer Zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng), then you’ll certainly appreciate his luminous all-CG opening for Pause 2017. [Read more]

Paraworld Cinematic from Pendulum

  San Diego animation and fx studio Pendulum takes viewers on an exhilarating cinematic ride through a Jurassic battlefield where barbaric warriors have command of ferocious dinosaurs and tribal warfare is part of daily life. German game developers Sunflowers/SEK hired the studio to create and direct the 60-second HD cinematic intro for their new game […] [Read more]


The premier issue of the LVHRD MGZN has dropped. Brought to you by the crew behind the happy corp, the quarterly e-mag promises to "take a closer look at some of LVHRD’s most active members over the club’s two years in New York. Through candid conversations and exposé pieces, we provide an unobstructed view of […] [Read more]


Wieden & Kennedy’s latest campaign for Orange in Romania gets a comic boost with this character piece from Nexus stars Smith & Foulkes, “Our last commercial had a cast of thousands [watch it here] so it was fun to work on a very simple set up with just the 2 characters to drive the comedy. […] [Read more]

Aqualtis by BUF

Beautiful piece. Commercial for..a washing machine.Via Motionographer. http://www.buf.fr/WORK/popup.php?kind=movie&id=759  [Read more]


Just as I was resigning myself to a slow news day, in comes an email from Marco Spier at Psyop: Stephen, This might be something for your feed website…. Something we have worked on for quite a while, but nobody really knows about it. It’s actually kind of sick. http://www.psyopswag.com/p.php [Read more]


Norwegian design and animation studio Bug captures the rampant frustration most of us feel with current home communications systems in these two recent spots for OneCall. Probably not a concept TimeWarner would sign off on. Watch Lemmings 1 Watch Lemmings 2 Complete info here. [Read more]

Anthony Hurd

Anthony Hurd has some great static work and a wicked little reel going on! [Read more]


Giant Steps is the elegant graduation project from Michal Levy of the Visual Communication Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. The short film is based on the 1959 John Coltrane album Giant Steps, the title track of which is generally considered to have the most complex and difficult chord progression of […] [Read more]