This clip contains absolutely no animation or vfx but you may find it extremely therapeutic after, say… the ninth round of bullshit revisions by a client with no brains and fewer balls. Good for other occasions too – mostly to do with, say… ex-significant others.     [Read more]


Sebastian Onufszak has updated his personal site with some striking still work and a new reel for summer 2006. Also worth your time: his frequent collaborator Timo Boese. Together they form the Propagandabuero. [Read more]


Tom Van Gestel is an animation student in Brussels keeping track of his creative progress in this blog. I recommend the short film La Realite, but the exercises (pictured here) to create an Olympic promo and a 360 fly around of his own snot are also worth a look. Found via 40 Fakes. [Read more]

Amenth Mubarok

Subscribing to all five flavorpill newsletters probably marks me as a fan but last Tuesday’s London dispatch turned out to be extra sweet because it featured the work of Indonesian illustrator/designer Amenth Mubarok  in the banner. This is the first of their featured artists that has really dilated my capillaries – kind of a whirling […] [Read more]

“Crash & Sues” VFX kick it

Crash test + kickboxer = interesting VFX It’s not as good as "speeding car meets invincible Mexican" at the beginning of Constantine  (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go rent it), but then again this might be more plausible? Actaully, now that I’ve watched it again, the car might have a slight advantage […] [Read more]


Love and War (previously seen on Feed in this little ditty of an article: LOVE AND WAR IN NY), have channeled the MTV2 female viewership dichotomy in this new viral. I like to think I went to high school with both of these types of girls, but really I was both of these girls at […] [Read more]