New work to graze on from Stockholm’s Kaktus Film: 1.Total re-branding for SkyOne, UK’s leading in-flight entertainment broadcaster; includes channel idents, colour palettes, a new Sky One logo, on-air menus, promo graphics and all off-air advertising. 2. This short film: Mega Robot Returns – anyone know anything more about this one? 3. And a 1 […] [Read more]

Sr Graphics Producer/Head of Production

Heroic, the L.A. based agency specializing in motion graphics for broadcast & commercials is seeking a senior producer looking to step up to running a department. Candidate must have… • 3-5 years experience producing motion graphics, visfx, live-action production, and editorial. • Excellent budget, and scheduling skills • Excellent management, communication, and problem solving skills […] [Read more]

Ceci n’est pas un skateboard

Remember that Nissan ad with the skateboard-car from a few posts back?  Remember how it made you crave more images of things which are not skateboards being treated as though they are?   Here’s a contender for best of genre.   Check out this stop-motion piece made by PES for Sneaux Shoes and let the doors […] [Read more]


Seems like everyone is just dying to get their clothes off these days… Honda CRV "Dress For It"VFX by Animal Logic At first viewing, I thought there were several comped transitions between outfits – turns out the beefcake was wearing 2 outfits at a time and with 4 in total, only a single transition was […] [Read more]


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts usually displays exceptional taste in it’s choice of animated/vfx fare to recieve their prestigious British Academy Film Awards. Hardware handed out for the 2007 season included best animated feature to Happy Feet, best visual effects to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pan’s Labyrinth for […] [Read more]

Pistachios animates the Crown for Bud/DDB

Blacklist directors Pistachios animates the five points of the new-ish brush-stroke crown logo into individual characters that have different episodes in the fictional “Crowntown”. This definitely seems geared towards the 20/30 somethings “office space” types. I enjoyed the improvisational sounding dialogue, editing and sound design. Only on the web/youtube for now… Visit Crowntown [Read more]


Street art sightings move up a rung with this fun installment in the life of Lepos, a little dude who’s not from here but certainly does get around. Watch the sighting. Check out Lepos’ full story here. [Read more]


It always seems like forever between big projects from Nexus wondermen S&F (Coke "Videogame" was last summer!) so I sustain my self on their minor works like this latest Valentine update in their series of spots for Orange Romania. [Read more]