• Bing Bong Eran Mendel_GIFs | STASH MAGAZINE

    Eran Mendel’s Bing Bong GIF Reel

    A fabulous 95-second collection of clever, bouncy, and carefully animated GIFs guaranteed to brighten your day courtesy of Israeli illustrator/animator and character magician Eran Mendel. [Read more]

MV / Waverly Films for Rapture

Brooklyn based Waverly Films‘ director Ben Dickinson completes second video for the Rapture. Whoo! Alright – Yeah… Uh Huh A nice music video with a simple but fun concept (reminds me of summer). Wonderful graphics that play like 70s hand animated graphics and all the analog textures that goes with it. Cinematography is pretty faithful […] [Read more]


The superlative VFX peeps at The Mill will no doubt be shaking up the west coast VFX scene when they officially open a facility in LA in Jan ’07 by moving 12 current staffers from the New York and London studios. (Quick facts: the London office opened in 1990,NY office opened in 2002 with a […] [Read more]


Publicis Net Paris create an interesting array of highend web work and they just completed this sleek and inviting site for Thomson’s new personal media player called the Black Diamond. Nice to look at and nice to play with (I mean the site, but the player looks tasty too). [Read more]


Damon at Transistor sends word of three two new Saiman Chow spots ("Friends" and "Driving" to help you quit smoking and a third for Shopzilla). As a group pair they hint at just how broad a range of animation techniques Mr. Chow is comfortable working with. Update – we hope to re-post the Shopzilla spot […] [Read more]


Corporate videos are almost always like working in a straight jacket so I’m going give some love to this one from Düsseldorf’s Parasol Island for Masterfile. It does have some second act pacing problems but the unexpected mix of shiny shiny CG and collaged pix works for me (even though the collage sequences bring to […] [Read more]


Check this trailer for an 88 minute animated HD feature called, very aptly, We Are the Strange. The entire film was produced by one human entity known as M dot Strange. All the info you will ever need, including behind the scenes pix and sketches, are at the official site. [Read more]

Wallspankers 2

Issue 2 of the "international sticker swap/printable PDF sticker-zine" called Wallspankers has dropped with many tasty samples of instant street art ready for printing and plastering – all contributed by an international cast of design and art talent. The project (which is now accepting contributions for issue 3) is the prodigy of MWM Graphics. Sticker […] [Read more]


MTV and onedotzero have launched a new creative competition for students, graduates and new talent called Bloom. According to the release: "Bloom is a global search for the best young moving image talent around the world to express innovative new visions of the contemporary world through one-minute films." Deadline for submitting creative treatments is 31 […] [Read more]