Match day 1 of the UEFA Champion’s League starts here in Europe tomorrow, with 24 club teams doing battle. After all the retina-burning spectacle of the World Cup broadcasts, these calm (even eerie) Sony idents are a nice change. The football, looking very convincingly like it’s constructed of programmable neon tubes, is actually all CG […] [Read more]


  Sergio del Puerto aka Serial Cut™ updated his portfolio, Great works!!!, I want more and more and more and more… Serial Cut™ Reel coming soon. [Read more]

Song for the Fields

Fields music video for "Song for the Fields" directed by Minivegas is about things in a field…FIELDIN’   [Read more]


Fresh work from illustrator/hand letterer extraordinaire Nate Williams includes this weird and welcome spin on selling pizza. It’s a direct mail element in a new campaign to help unload truckloads of cheap Toppers pies to college kids in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina. [Read more]

Sr. Designers/Animators Needed ASAP

Nth Degree, New York City, is seeking EXPERIENCED FREELANCE Sr. Animator/Designers. 5 years experience a must. Highly skilled in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Job duties/responsibilities: Work may include logos, style frames, storyboards, production work or concept through execution of animation. Must be able to work with direction to deadline. PLEASE ONLY NYC-BASED ARTISTS! […] [Read more]


New website. New reel. Same insane talent. God bless you Onesize. [Read more]


The people at Core in St. Louis have built themselves a whole new alternate reality they call Big Plastic Factory where enigmatic little characters dwell and dream and blog. Check out this atmospheric excerpt from the first short called “Man on Under the Moon” currently in production. [Read more]


Fun new full-throttle viral short for Mazda. Credits are all fictitious so not sure who did it. Add to the comments if you know. [Read more]