It’s no surprise that beauty pix are retouched, but this spot called Evolution from Reginald Pike director Yael Staav with post from Toronto’s Soho brings home just how invasive the process is. From the director, "We set up our model in the photographer’s studio and basically went through the whole process real time: she showed […] [Read more]


Word arrived from New Zealand this morning that resn has released a new game called Phil Fill Fast (smash billboards, eat junk food and get fat)  and a new reel (many styles, all fun, with a track by Luke Buda of the Pheonix Foundation). UPDATE from resn: "This game is a comment on Fast food.  […] [Read more]

Sony Bravia – Paint by Jonathan Glazer

Sony follows up on its tremendously successful and award-winning balls ad with the equally surreal and highly anticipated paint ad by Jonathan Glazer. Be sure to watch the Behind the Scenes videos for both ads. I appreciate the extra work that was put into making the videos easy to UPDATE: VFX: Asylum – Santa Monica, […] [Read more]


INTERspectacular seem to have two goals in life; bring irreverent humor to the world of broadcast design and experiment with all styles of character design. Both quests are evident in these two IDs, part of a series the NY studio just completed for Discovery Science. Watch Moon Watch Dolly More about INTERspectacular in this recent […] [Read more]

A52 and ACURA

Here’s one that’s worth the sixty seconds out of your day to stop and admire: Acura "Anthem" from A52.  Elegant 3D, seamless VFX, speed ramping, jump-cuts…it’s another clean and simple car ad that reads like a modern filmmaker’s handbook set to Supertramp. [Read more]


Hot new reel from my good friend and Devoid of Yesterday partner Chris James Hewitt. DSTRUKT.   [Read more]


Tronic continues their fertile relationship with GE and put their architectural roots to spectacular use in these two ambitious CG spots. Both pieces are part of GE’s new Go Big campaign and premiered earlier this month at Wired’s Nextfest event in NY on an arresting 30 foot long media wall. Watch GE: Go Big Watch […] [Read more]


If you’re in New York City this coming Sunday, October 15 check out the STACKS art show. STACKS includes up and coming New York artists with different voices and a variety of styles. Each of the artists’ box-like sculptures will be stacked on each other to create a unified work. It’s a chance to purchase […] [Read more]