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    Overwatch: Embedding Action in Emotion

    The immediate success of Overwatch, Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer first-person shooter (and the company’s first new gaming franchise since StarCraft in 1998), is due in large part to a series of spectacular animated short films. [Read more]


The center of the motion graphics world shifted a little toward Columbus, Ohio with the release of this short called Blissful from Leftchannel Industries. Frenetic and riveting. [Read more]


London based Production Company Bermuda Shorts is launching Gate, a bi-monthly competition to give budding animation directors a chance to have their work promoted and to give them an opportunity to direct commercial work with a supporting production team. Bermuda Shorts will feature the winners on their website as guest directors and promote their work […] [Read more]


This new print and poster campaign from TBWA Group Germany intros the white version of the Sony PSP in an attempt to shift perception of the player from gaming gadget to fashion must-have. Any similiarity to the iPod school of design is probably just coincidence. Tasty photography by Berlin freelancer Alexander Gnädinger.   [Read more]

NY Subway Art

Hi, I live in NY and I take the subway everday. Life is really, really lonely. BUT it allows me to see art in some pretty random places. In nearly every station there is an interesting mosaic or statue and some are really very cool. NY Subway has compiled a guide to the Subway art […] [Read more]

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Went to check out the BUF site as per the "Ladybird Love" post below and couldn’t help noticing this animated commercial for the French version of Orange directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. It is a sweet, loose, 3D interpretation of a child’s drawings and a refreshing compliment to his impressive live action work including Honda "Cog" […] [Read more]


New reel from the one and only Prologue Films! (yes, those are stills from Superman Returns!) [Read more]

Shilo’s Angels on the Air

For those who don’t watch TRL which is probably, ahem… all of us, you probably missed yesterday’s premiere of the new Angels & Airwaves video, "Do It For me Now." The team at Shilo directed the piece continuing their work with the band—they’ve been working on a feature film with them as well and I […] [Read more]


This spot for the Peugeot 207 from director Thierry Poiraud of Paranoid Projects should kill any lingering doubts you have about European TV being a whole lot more interesting than the North American variety. Bang-on vfx by the always-brilliant BUF. [Read more]