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    Brainbot “E-BOT LUTION”

    Ever since Fritz Lang introduced Maria in his 1927 expressionist sci-fi classic “Metropolis,” audiences have been fascinated by robots both benevolent and nasty – see if you can name all the pop-culture bots featured in this snappy timeline tribute from Brainbot Studios in Madrid. [Read more]


Get a snappy dose of Flash work in this trailer for the Sparkle Friends series from Aukland’s Mukpuddy Animation. Found via drawn.ca.   [Read more]

Hello Pinthin

Jonathan Garin at Pinthin just sent over this delightfully psychedelic piece he and Naomi Nishimura created for Hello Kitty’s Secret House exhibition in Hong Kong. It’s called "Gifts of Dance and Magic Trance" wherein "Kitty Meets her new friends Panda and Panther. Traveling through mysterious forests and sunny beaches she discovers new hidden treasures.  Kitty’s […] [Read more]

LocoRoco eyecandy

UK director Carolina Melis has a way with organic whimsy and puts it to good use here for the PSP abstract action game LocoRoco. Check out more of Melis’ work in the directors section of the Nexus Productions site. [Read more]


Fun-and-tasty show open for a Bunch.tv online program called Freakshow from Le Beat in Köln, Germany.   [Read more]


Thom Yorke’s latest video for the track "Harrowdown Hill" (the weightly song about David Kelly – the controversial British weapons inspector whose 2003 suicide is considered suspicious) from director Chel White at Bent Image Lab intros with a stunning example of tilt-shift lens photography applied to the moving image. I think the track is fantastic, […] [Read more]

Fluorescent Hill and Man vs Magnet get Curious

Montreal directing collective Fluorescent Hill, a.k.a. Johanne Ste-Marie, Darren Pasemko and Mark Lomond, and NY’s  man vs magnet, a.k.a. Matt Smithson, are now repped by venerable Manhattan animation studio Curious Pictures. FH were recently listed by RES as one of the Top Ten Creators to watch in 2006 and are repped in Europe by Nose/PH. […] [Read more]


Peer into the near future of computing with Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT Media Lab, who’s determined to level the global playing field with his $100 laptop for the developing world, and NYU researcher Jeff Han, whose spectacular new user interface may radically change how you work every day. Check out all of TED here. […] [Read more]

PODBRIX – 1984

Only 100 of these 1984 Playsets from PodBrix were made and sold out in a flash at $200 a pop.  All made from customized LEGO® minifigures. Includes over 80 parts including  a runner, two riot police, an audience of twelve and a battery powered LED movie screen complete with Big Brother. [Read more]