• Kouhei Nakama is “Makin’ Moves”

    Kouhei Nakama’s personal films have always pushed the creative and technical boundaries of 3D to create a sense of wonder. But this latest short, called “Makin’ Moves,” is his first designed make you smile. [Read more]


Here’s an interesting student project from a group at Swinburne University in Australia. Using the ‘exquisite corpse‘ method of collective assembly each student was given 14 seconds of music to animate, with the next participant having to continue the animation from where the previous left off. Keeping the loose ends tied are the overall themes […] [Read more]


Sports promo clips that include live-action footage are notoriously hard to keep from falling into cheese-filled cliché land. This NFL treatment – built around CBS Sports’ new logo package from Imaginary Forces – hits all the visual cues the mainstream viewers need to see (including cheerleaders’ navels) but keeps its dignity intact with clean design […] [Read more]


3 very beautiful words: Extreme Resolution Photography. 1 truly remarkable online photography project: www.XRez.com Using a Google Maps interface you can pan, zoom, and go bonkers crazy over the level of detail captured in a selection of expansive vistas. Plus, XRez founding fathers Eric Hanson and Greg Downing share their techniques and process so we […] [Read more]

Coldcut :: Sound Mirrors Videos + Remixes

They are the undeniable godfathers of cut-and-paste digital funk. And ever since Coldcut teamed up with Hexstatic for 1997’s groundbreaking “Timber” video, they have established their Ninja Tune imprint as a leader in the smallish world of visually-concerned record labels. What makes the Sound Mirrors project so appealling is the open creative brief given to […] [Read more]


Somehow Munich motion house AixSponza has avoided the Feed and Stash radar up to now. You can check their newest work and the winter 2006 reel here. And if you’re a Cinema 4D fan you can download their custom-made plugins. Thanks to AV for the tip. [Read more]


Warsaw CG studio Platige Image has built an impressive library of innovative and interesting shorts like The Cathedral (oscar nom) and Fallen Art (BAFTA nod). Paths of Hate from director Damian Nenow is due this spring. Check the trailer. [Read more]


Check out the killer shot of Blind owner and president Chris Do on the cover of the Nov 24-30 issue of LA Weekly. Very interesting story of Chris and brother Mike and their unique journey to success. Read the article here. Check Blind’s latest work here.   [Read more]


EyeballNYC has new work up including this fun and kinetic spot for The Source (formerly Radio Shack Canada) which blends the iPod-ish and GAP-ish into something new-ish (and the French VO makes it all foreign and exotic and stuff). [Read more]