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    Lumatic “Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon”

    It’s an indisputable fact that over-eating is detrimental to human health, but the effects of gluttony on species in the wild has never been well-documented. That all changed with the release of this groundbreaking nature mini-doc from Berlin animation and visual effects studio LUMATIC. [Read more]

ADC shows the love

The Art Directors Club announced the winners of their Young Guns 5 awards and one of our own was among the select few that were shown the love. André Stringer of Shilo got the nod for his work including Showtime’s “HUFF” main title sequence, Converse “Flash,” HBO Def Poetry, and that new spot from Scion […] [Read more]


One of my fave directors is at it again. Check out Fons Scheidon’s new bits for MTV Mobbed – yummy character design, loose illustrative style and brilliant editing – crazed sophmoric madness that perks me up in the morning.   [Read more]


Everyones favorite wacky-genius director interprets Cody ChestnuTT’s "King of the Game" by illustrating frame by frame on paper and filming the process with a Bolex before handing it all over to The Mill in NY to pimp his frames. The results remind me of early 70’s NFB films (and in this case that may not […] [Read more]


Here’s an interesting clip on the working methods of Matt Pyke and Universal Everything his tiny studio in Sheffield several hours north of London. The Apple propaganda gets a little thick at times but it’s an encouraging look at how you can do great work with a small (or no) team from the middle of […] [Read more]


Designer and illustrator Florian Zietz has created a fairly genius way to build characters with your keyboard. FF Headz is actually a font (winning type design awards left and right) and by typing four characters – upper part of the head, eyes and nose, mouth, and chin – you can assemble up to 10,000 head […] [Read more]


If you like the early films of Dali and Buñuel you’ll be interested in this piece called Gotik Aztéques from Brooklyn illustrator, artist and filmmaker Jonathon Rosen. His body of work includes Sleepy Hollow with Tim Burton, music videos for composers David Toop, Tim Berne and Tom Recchion, gallery shows and animaton screened at MOCA […] [Read more]


A taste of the newest work out of Sprite Animation Studios in LA – the trailer for a tv/feature project called Monster Samurai. The full 6-minute pilot will screen in competition at the Annecy Fest next week. Trailer here. More pix here. Full story here. [Read more]


  Senator Cletus Scoffpossum. Flemish Jim. Marinated Alex Pons. Bazino Bazino, The Kid Whose Hair Is On Fire. The Fonz. Are you ready to bring these hobos to life?????? If so, you should visit the E-Hobo project. It  is a list of names author John Hodgman created that various artists illustrate, you know, just for […] [Read more]