How to Submit to Stash

PLEASE include all copy and credits in the body of your email.
– Due to security concerns, we not open attachments (including PDFs or Word docs).


SEND US AN EMAIL containing these five things:

Take your time and include as much information as you can (especially for #3).

1. Video link
– Must allow for embedding, e.g. Vimeo, YouTube (i.e. NOT a link to a downloadable file)

2. Information about the creator/s
– Include your location.

3. Production details and background on the project
For instance:
– What was the client brief or your reason for undertaking the project
– What creative and technical challenges were involved and how did you solve them?

4. Full credits
– List all companies/people involved (including the client and audio production)

5. Social handles
– For your studio and/or yourself.



Current and exceptional motion design, animation, and VFX projects including:

– Advertising (TV, cinema, online, spec)
– Broadcast design
– Brand films, branded content
– Explainers
– Game trailers and cinematics
– Music videos
– Short films
– Title designs (film, TV, events, etc.)
– Video/interactive installations