Superunion XK Studio Get Strung Together London Symphony Orchestra | STASH MAGAZINE

Superunion and XK Studio Get “Strung Together” for the London Symphony Orchestra

The collaboration between Superunion and the LSO expands in its sixth year to capture the dynamic connections of the orchestra members to the conductor with CG innovators XK studio once more providing striking visuals. [Watch]

My Year Of Dicks Sara Gunnarsdottir full film | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Sara Gunnarsdóttir’s “My Year Of Dicks” (Full Film)

Commissioned by FX Networks and based on Pamela Ribon’s acclaimed coming-of-age memoir, “My Year Of Dicks” earned Icelandic director/animator Sara Gunnarsdóttir a 2023 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film. [Watch]

Air-Jordan-Become-Legend-Michael-Emry-IMAGE-and-NOISE | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Jordans “Become Legend” in New Spec Spot by Michael Emry and Troy Browne

Director/animator Michael Emry at IMAGE+NOISE in LA teams with UK director/visual artist Troy Browne for a bold spec motion piece built around the power and mystique of Air Jordan basketball shoes. [Watch]

FutureDeluxe AKQA Atelier Cologne | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe and AKQA Visualize the Sense of Smell for Atelier Cologne

As part of a complete rebrand for French artisanal perfumery Atelier Cologne, FutureDeluxe works with agency AKQA to interpret the brand’s scents as elegant and organic CG sculptures that drive the updated visual language. [Watch]

Moncler Genius Brand Film by Korb | STASH MAGAZINE

Korb Unveils “Genius” in New Moncler Brand Film

If understated surrealism with a touch of wit is a new marker of luxury then it’s safe to say Rimantas Lukavicius and his CG crew at Korb nailed this tastefully dramatic brand film for upscale Italian outerwear maker Moncler. [Watch]

Megaforce Quiet The Noise with Apple AirPods Pro | STASH MAGAZINE

Megaforce and Electric Theatre Collective “Quiet The Noise” with Apple AirPods Pro

French directing collective Megaforce and London VFX masters ETC set a new bar for product demos with this witty VFX fantasy showcasing the 2x Active Noise Cancellation feature of Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods Pro. [Watch]

Merlin Flugel ITFS 2023 Out of Bounds | STASH MAGAZINE

Merlin Flügel’s ITFS 2023 Trailer Goes “Out of Bounds”

Fresh from the playful mind of Berlin-based director/animator Merlin Flügel (who dropped this wonderfully strange short in 2021), comes the trailer for the 2023 edition of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. [Watch]

Jordan Reborn Tribute Film by Stance | STASH MAGAZINE

“Jordan Reborn” Tribute Film by Stance

To honor Michael Jordon’s impact on basketball and mark his 60th birthday, Stance Studio in Miami crafts a weighty in-house CG tribute film featuring artist Matthew Senna’s solid-gold Air Jordan 10 OVO’s. [Watch]

WhatIF Foods A Better Better LOBO FableWorks | STASH MAGAZINE

LOBO and Fable.Works Help WhatIF Foods Find “A Better Better”

Planet-based food brand WhatIF doubles down on their commitment to Earth-friendly production in this snappy :60 anthem film filled with quirky characters and snappy animation from LOBO thru agency Fable.Works. [Watch]

Stash issue 158| STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 158 Packs Two New Hours of Motion Madness into the Permanent Collection

Get a jump on your spring brainstorming with this two-minute glimpse at all the motion projects packed into Stash 158, the latest design, animation, and VFX work to be inducted into the Stash Permanent Collection. [Watch]

Berk Budal RXT Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Berk Budal and Christoph Groß Explore Tension and Relaxation in “//RXT” Short Film

This abstract CG piece by director/3D artist Berk Budal and composer/sound designer Christoph Groß yeilds a riveting 90-second visualization of the premise “Tension is the rope that connects desire to its outcome.” [Watch]

Seven Animal Sins Short Film by | STASH MAGAZINE

“Seven Animal Sins” Short Film by

With a nod to a certain 2012 animated earworm about silly methods of demise, Buenos Aires studio confirms animals can indeed be guilty of the seven deadly sins in their new in-house short film. [Watch]

Cosentino Pietra Kode Collection Blanco Void | STASH MAGAZINE

Cosentino “Pietra Kode Collection” Brand Fim by Blanco Void

Working with brand consultancy Darwin & Verne, the new Madrid-based studio Blanco Void softly illustrates three timeless principles from Roman architect Vitruvius for Cosentino’s Pietra Kode Collection of designer surfaces. [Watch]

Ashnikko Worms Music Video Raman Djafari Blinkink | STASH MAGAZINE

Ashnikko “Worms” Music Video by Raman Djafari

Blinkink director Raman Djafari layers up live-action chaos and a slew of stop-motion-style CG creatures to conjure three minutes of mayhem for the “Worms” single from American singer/songwriter Ashnikko. [Watch]