Jungler directing trio PARACHUTES. Composed of Thibault de Fournas, Yann Pineill Nicolas Lefaucheux | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Welcomes French Directing Trio Parachutes

Composed of Thibault de Fournas, Yann Pineill, and Nicolas Lefaucheux, the Parachutes collective met at the prestigious ESAG-Penninghen university in Paris, where they quickly discovered their shared passions for design, cinema, and music. [Read more]

NODE 2019 Opening Titles by Mister | STASH MAGAZINE

Coral as a Metaphor for Creativity: NODE 2019 Opening Titles by MISTER

From motion design agency MISTER in Sydney, Australia: “With the Node 2019 titles we wanted to celebrate collaboration and the creative process. We used coral polyps as our metaphor as they perfectly demonstrate how tiny creatures working together can make massive structures. [Read more]

The Chemical Brothers “Out of Control” Remix by The Avalanches | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “Out of Control” Remix by The Avalanches

Creative director Drew Tyndell at Computer Team in Portland: “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Surrender, the Chemical Brothers released a new version of the single “Out of Control,” remixed by The Avalanches. [Read more]


Clash of Clans on Ice!

The slapstick fun and sharp comic timing continue in Psyop’s latest promo for Supercell’s Clash of Clans called “Winter Townhall”. Fireball! [Read more]

Manel - Formigues Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Manel “Formigues” Music Video by Marc Urtasun

Freelance designer Marc Urtasun in Barcelona: “I’ve been working freelance for the last six years for brands like Nike, Adidas, Nickelodeon – but I really enjoy personal work as they give you freedom for creating and expressing passion in your work. [Read more]


Troublemakers Sign Directing duo Léon & Salim

The Troublemakers team is proud to announce the arrival of the director duo Léon & Salim. [Read more]