Should You Meet A Lady In A Darkened Wood short animated film Daniel Stankler | STASH MAGAZINE

“Should You Meet A Lady In A Darkened Wood” by Daniel Stankler

Director/animator Daniel Stankler in London: “This is my graduation animation from the RCA. It’s a campy gothic fairytale and an analogy on the ways Tinder and social media allow us to objectify each other in the world of online dating. [Read more]

“My Super Hero Movie” Benjy Brooke | STASH MAGAZINE

Benjy Brooke Unleashes “My Super Hero Movie” Starring The Boy Wonder

Hornet director Benjy Brooke: “Special sequence produced for Warner Bros. 2018 theatrical release “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies”. The first 12 seconds are from the film, produced by Warner Bros.” [Read more]

PayPal Ubiquity animated campaign | STASH MAGAZINE

“PayPal Ubiquity” by Run, Kick, Shout and Calabash Animation

Nick Hopkins, CD at Chicago animation studio Run, Kick, Shout: “The goal with this campaign was a simple one: let people know just how widely accepted PayPal is. [Read more]

Ethan Barnowsky Cowboy Boy animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Say Howdy to Ethan Barnowsky’s “Cowboy Boy”

Ethan Barnowsky: Cowboy Boy is a 1-minute animated western exploring the tropes and cliches of the genre through minimalist design and animation.” [Read more]

Terrible, Thanks For Asking Animated Podcast Intro Demo | STASH MAGAZINE

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” Intro by Demo Duck

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” animated podcast intro by Demo Duck [Read more]

Nothing is Original by Poligonic Jim Jarmusch | STASH MAGAZINE

“Nothing is Original” via Poligonic and Jim Jarmusch

Nothing is Original’ is an extract of the article ‘Things I’ve Learned: Jim Jarmusch’ published in MovieMaker Magazine #53 and written by Jim Jarmusch.” [Read more]