Iso Film Fest 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Iso Film Fest 2020 Call for Entries

Iso Film Fest (IFF) 2020 is planned to be a truly immersive virtual festival. We’ll gather some of the most innovative films made in isolation and then escape this August to watch them together, as our avatars, in front of giant screens in otherworldly environments, with the creators introducing their creations in person. [Read more]

PlusOne Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

PlusOne Celebrates 10 Years of Motion with Animated Manifesto

Marcel Vrieswijk at PlusOne in Amsterdam: “The anniversary is a milestone marking ten years of hard work, creative high points, and great memories. And the perfect moment to get the company’s core values and aspirations down on paper. [Read more]

Walmart “Hearts of Magic” spot by Lobo | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobo Illustrates Terrell Myles’ “Hearts of Magic” for Walmart

While Walmart associates across the country continue to show resiliency and strength in the face of COVID-19, a few are using their voice to inspire us all. [Read more]

Already Been Chewed and Plenty Join Luck Roster | STASH MAGAZINE

Already Been Chewed and Plenty Join Lucky Roster

Lucky has expanded through creative partnerships with award-winning, versatile talent whose work is bold, memorable, and diverse. This exclusive collection of designers & storytellers works as an extension of the Lucky team and includes Already Been Chewed and Plenty. [Read more]

Upsides COVID-19 short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Mike Russo and Garret Beard Find the Upsides of COVID-19

Mike Russo, 2D motion designer at Block & Tackle in Brooklyn: “Upsides is an ongoing collaborative animation project by Garret Beard and I currently focused on the silver linings of the COVID 19 Pandemic. [Read more]

Director Ben Steiger Levine Joins Greencard | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Ben Steiger Levine Joins Greencard Roster

Ben Steiger Levine, a director whose flair for design and visual effects complements his strengths as a narrative storyteller, has joined the talent roster at Greencard. His signing was announced by Founder and Executive Producer Emily Wiedemann. [Read more]