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Alicia Cargile Takes Over as EP at Jogger Studios

From the release:

Alicia Cargile steps into the role of Executive Producer at Jogger Studios. Alicia’s unique blend of experience and unwavering commitment to the creative process has solidified her as a standout leader in the VFX and post-production industry. She is dedicated to fostering an environment that empowers individuals and the projects themselves to thrive at any scale; a philosophy shared by her peers at Jogger and Cut+Run alike.

“Alicia shines. There is an absolute brilliance to how she approaches projects, the solutions she creates, and the space she allows for collaboration from beginning to end,” comments Executive Producer and Partner at Cut+Run, Amburr Farls. “She’s a diehard post producer that came up through the trenches alongside incredible artists that trust and love her, and we are so excited to have that experience and that amazing energy here with us.”

Alicia’s journey began with an artistic sensibility and innate project management skills, which propelled her into the world of post-production and VFX. Her career trajectory includes significant roles at Zoic, Motion Theory, Company3 and most recently at Be Grizzlee, where she collaborated closely with Media Arts Lab on a wide scale of Apple projects spanning 5 years.

Her experience ranges from both field and post-producing campaigns for major brands, labels and agencies, to establishing talent networks on a national and international scale. In her role as Executive Producer at Jogger Studios, she combines an in-depth skill set with a genuine dedication to both client and employee satisfaction.

Michelle Eskin, Managing Partner of Cut+Run and Jogger Studios, shares the enthusiasm for Alicia’s addition, saying “Alicia brings not only an amazing collaborative spirit, but a diverse range of experience and resources. Meeting Alicia, we instantly knew she was the one to help us realize our developmental plans for Jogger.”

Based in Santa Monica, Alicia will oversee Jogger Studios Santa Monica, San Francisco and Austin, and work closely with the Jogger NY team. Her vision involves expanding the studio’s expertise by embracing projects and strengthening partnerships. Alicia advocates for an integrated approach that encourages early creative input from the Directors and Production teams to the Editors and the VFX teams, ensuring seamless creativity that elevates our clients’ projects.

Alicia’s words encapsulate her commitment to excellence, “It’s amazing to be part of such an incredible group of people that embrace my ideas and truly see my strengths. I pride myself on my ability to really know my ar[sts and producers. I understand their strengths and personali[es, interests and areas of focus to give the clients the most tailored experience. Pu\ng the right crew, the right ar[sts and the right producer on a project is key to telling the story as it’s being cra]ed and to provide a smoother and enjoyable finishing experience for all.”

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