Ariel-Costa-signs-with-NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE

Ariel Costa Returns to NOMINT for Represention in US and Europe

From the release:

In the annals of history, few returns have stirred the heart and captured the imagination quite like the one we’re about to announce. From the epic return of Ulysses to Ithaca, to the legendary comeback of Steve Jobs to Apple, the greatest returns set the stage for unprecedented triumphs.

Today NOMINT is ecstatic to announce a very special homecoming: Ariel Costa, the legendary mixed media director known as BlinkMyBrain, is rejoining our roster. As an emblem of creativity and innovation, Emmy Award-Winning Ariel stands at the zenith of animation, revered not just as a director but as an animator’s animator, admired across the globe.

Much like Michael Jordan’s unforgettable return to the NBA, Ariel’s comeback to NOMINT promises to usher in a new era of animation excellence.

With a distinguished career collaborating with giants like Adidas, Nike, BMW, Porsche, The New York Times, and unique music videos for up-and-coming bands such as Led Zeppelin and Green Day, Ariel’s repertoire is a testament to his unparalleled creativity and innovation. His unique blend of 2D design, collage, and mixed media has not only defined his career but also set a new standard in the animation industry.