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Artjail Expands CG Department with Senior Hires

From the release:

Artjail is kicking off the new year with growth in its CG department. The boutique VFX studio welcomes Anthony Thomas as CG Supervisor in LA, and Beat Reichenbach as Lead Pipeline Technical Director / CG Generalist working with both New York and LA, also tending to LA for pipeline and CG needs.

These senior hires build upon the momentum Artjail gathered in 2023, which saw the studio expand its motion design department with the appointment of Creative Director of Motion Design and VFX Artist, Luke Bellissimo.

John Skeffington, MD at Artjail, comments: “As Artjail grows we are focused on bringing in talent that fits our brand and ethos. Anthony and Beat are both incredible hires for us. I’ve been following their careers for some time. Anthony’s work speaks for itself. He has a great attitude and is a strong problem solver. Beat has a bit of wizard in him. He will take our already robust pipeline to the next level, as well as work on select high end projects with his CG capabilities. Having Beat on the team ensures NY and LA will be working more streamlined and efficiently.”

Anthony Thomas

Anthony has spent the past 14 years freelancing for the likes of The Mill, Framestore, Parliament, Hello Scholar, and CosaVFX, across films, commercials, television, music videos, and video games.

His career highlights include the first ever Super Bowl commercial he worked on, replacing live sheep heads with digitally animated singing ones for Honda ‘A New Truck to Love’. He’s also lent his talents to a number of star-studded spots, including DirecTV ‘Wonder’ with Serena Williams and MGM ‘Bet’ with Vanessa Hudgens, as well as Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ promo featuring Ice Spice.

Now, while working on an array of upcoming whimsical spots, Anthony is also supporting the Artjail LA team on internal projects, testing new technology and custom tools to promote their creative evolution.

Anthony comments: “Artjail’s work always stood out to me, I was excited to join when they expanded to LA. It has a pretty diverse portfolio of work and a great overall team, some of whom I’ve worked with in the past. I’m very excited about the opportunity and future of Artjail, with goals to work on cool fun projects and to continue to grow as a leader.”

Beat Reichenbach

Beat joins Artjail after spending the majority of his career so far at Blur, leading teams in scene assembly with a focus on lighting and environment modelling. Collaborating extensively with the pipeline department, he also served as a liaison between artists and developers.

While at Blur, Beat worked on the reboot of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, for which he and the team contributed close to a combined hour of realistic in-game cinematics.

Beat’s upcoming year will be dedicated to establishing a stable foundation for Artjail’s offices in NY and LA, enabling closer collaboration between the two, and leading the pipeline development. He will be making the most of the studio’s nimble nature to explore new solutions – whether they involve adopting the latest AI trends or developing in-house plugins – and ultimately facilitate its efficient running, as well as support its artists.

Beat comments: “I was drawn to Artjail based on the people they have. I’ve heard many great things about CD and Partner JD Yepes, and wanted to work with him, as well as the studio’s impressive portfolio. The prospect of having the freedom to approach challenges in my own way was particularly appealing. At Artjail, they provide the resources needed for everyone to succeed.”

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