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Barcelona Production Studio Trizz Joins Blacklist

From the release:

Blacklist is proud to announce that another dynamic creative studio has joined its roster as a director. Trizz is an innovative and award winning boutique production studio based in Barcelona. Founded in 2010 by transplanted New Yorkers Oriol Puig (Creative Director) and Christopher Vulpi (Executive Producer), Trizz specializes in CG, Live Action, and VFX based projects. Fueled by a passion to discover the boldest and most inventive new techniques, the artists at Trizz are specialists at mixing the unlimited possibilities of CG with the practical language of traditional filmmaking.

The studio is particularly skilled at understanding the essence of a brand, and in using that knowledge to create daring and unexpected content. In addition to their film and TV projects, Trizz work appears in art galleries, publications, live concerts, and at multimedia events. Previously, Trizz has created spots for Hyundai, Red Bull, and Armani, as well as experiential installations for events including the Coachella Music Festival.

“We are excited to bring Trizz into the Blacklist family. They are perfectionists with a refined eye for design and exceptional technical chops for liquids, particles, and photoreal work. Their artful hand positions them well for luxury goods and beautywork. And the team is such a pleasure.” said Blacklist Managing Director Adina Sales.

“The culture and people at Blacklist are the right fit,” remarked Trizz co-founder Oriol Puig. “You immediately see a difference as soon as you start to work with them, they are just as fascinated by the work and the creative possibilities, which makes them a partner that is as excited as we are to elevate the visual language and make something different. This solidifies a basis for a long term relationship on which, as we grow closer together as collaborators, they will help us shape the overall direction of the studio. Plus, the simple fact of sharing roster with studios like Studio AKA, Tendril, Golden Wolf and others is very exciting, and humbling, and ultimately only makes us want to do even better!”

Trizz is already hard at work on their first production with Blacklist, which will air globally later this year.

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