Barney Richard and Isabella Parish Launch London Prodco ALL OF US HERE

from the release:

ALL OF US HERE is a new independent production company representing directors and artists working across all forms of content and disciplines. They are a medium-agnostic company that celebrates the disciplines of mixed media, live action, and animation and don’t believe in the borders between them. The company celebrates true collaboration through its roster of talent both internally and externally.

By harnessing the myriad of talents of their directors not just in filmmaking, such as Art Direction, Creative Direction, Animation, Gaming, Branding and Design, they have the ability to transcend a multitude of ideas and genres. A studio mentality within a rostered company.

Founders Barney Richard and Isabella Parish have 30+ years of industry experience between them fostering talent and building companies brands such as Friend, Riff Raff, Partizan and 1st Avenue machine.

The new roster includes directors Greg Barth, Pleix, Emmanuelle Walker, Polynoid, Ewan Jones Morris, Victor Haegelin, CRCR, Scholar, Sun Creature, and Wizz among others. They work through mixed media, stop motion, 2D, 3D animation, and live action.

Founded on the principle that it takes many to make a great film, the culture inspires true collaboration and the ability to build teams around projects based on skill sets and creative harmony.

ALL OF US HERE believes in the collective talents of people when they come together. ALL OF US HERE believe that great films are made together.

Barney Richard: “I’ve wanted to work with Isabella for over 15 years and we’ve finally found the opportunity to do that. We care very much for each other and the talent that we’ve curated. The craft and visual language within our roster are very well-placed to make impactful and colorful work that’s culturally relevant. We just want to work on good ideas, simple really.”

Isabella Parish: “It’s exciting to have so many highly creative and conceptual men and women together sharing ideas, craft, and technology.”

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