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From the release:

Led by MTV veteran Rodger Belknap, Belknap and Company is New York’s newest and most innovative creative studio.

Prior to founding Belknap and Company, Rodger was the SVP and Creative Director of MTV2 and MTVu, where he was at the helm of many complete channel rebrands and set records for ratings, revenue and ad sales goals.

With Belknap and Company, he is looking forward to expanding from broadcast to a platform agnostic universe where innovation and unexpected creative will engage viewers. The most exciting aspect to this shift is the editorial and fashion arena. Belknap and Company will be an ideal creative partner for brands who want to develop innovative video content that will propel their image into the future.

Belknap and Company’s platform agnostic approach to creation is exemplified in its adaptive method for solving creative problems. Rodger co-creates with a broad network of multidisciplinary creative talent. The company’s strengths include branding, motion design, print and digital design, animation, event and screen content design, copywriting, sound design, live action content, post production supervision and editorial direction.

“We know so many talented people, there’s isn’t a problem we can’t solve,” says Belknap. “What makes us unique is we assemble the best talent and the right team for each job. Our clients don’t just get the same team with the same perspective every time, but rather, we offer different sized groups of different minds working in a custom-tailored way to tell the perfect story for every client. It seems to be the right solution for the creative landscape of the 21st Century.”