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Ben Hibon Takes Over as Head Creative Director at Luma Pictures

From the release:

Creative studio Luma, known for its exceptional visual effects, is about to get supercharged thanks to the new hire of industry standout Ben Hibon as Head Creative Director.

An award winning career as an artist and animation director has taken Hibon from television commercials to branded content to video game creation for clients like Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Riot Games and more. He has lent his design skills to feature films such as Snow White and the Huntsman and The Last Witch Hunter. Most notably he was at the helm of the Academy Award-nominated The Tale of Three Brothers animated sequence from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

Historically a groundbreaking visual effects shop, Luma is taking another leap forward as it expands into the realm of original content. Harnessing their industry leading tech and artistry to generate their own work, Luma’s Los Angeles and Melbourne studios will continue its exclusive service model while developing partnerships that enable the company to be at the forefront of creative as well.

Hibon will be working with the Heads of of Luma’s Animated and Live Action Content, and New Content and Media arms helping to shape and guide the new branches toward a storytelling ideology that will be definitively Luma’s.

Hibon’s role will present a unique and exciting opportunity to help shape Luma’s vision. With the scope of Luma’s capabilities continuing to diversify, Hibon’s creative eye will be the meeting point between the three newest branches of the company, helping guide the message and tone while keeping brand consistency.

“Very often we see that the technology comes before the concept, idea and themes – it can be beautiful but dry,” says Hibon. “My goal at Luma is to deliver meaningful work – work that engages people in different ways of thinking as we harness tremendous talent and skill and apply it to exciting new mediums. There are so many animation and VFX companies, but Luma has always stood out as a pioneering force. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be with them on this exciting new journey.”

Luma Pictures debuted in 2002 with visual effects for Charlie’s Angels and has gone on to contribute visual effects for blockbuster films like Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange and more. Founded by Payam Shohadai in Santa Monica, California, the company now includes a studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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