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Little Big Bang Launches Santa Fe Studio

From the release:

Santa Fe, NM & Miami, FL – (September xx, 2017) – Seizing on a new trend, multicultural and international design firm Little Big Bang Studios, originally based in Miami, has expanded west and opened a new studio in artist-centric Santa Fe, New Mexico. The award-winning team, led by Co-Founders/Creative Directors Cynthia Beauclair and Ricardo Barros, draw upon their fine-arts background to produce stellar work that is impactful and aesthetically pleasing. Check out the studio’s all-new web site at:

For Beauclair and Barros, launching a new studio in Santa Fe was an opportunity to be in an incredibly creative environment. “Because Santa Fe has such a long history as a center for artists and musicians, we looked around the country and decided to launch a new studio here,” notes Beauclair. “There is a great deal of inspiration, as well as a stronger connection to nature, and a series of film and production incentives by the state, to get clients to shoot and post here. All of these reasons combined motivated us to make the move west.”

With the multicultural studio’s roots still in Miami, for Barros, he points out that in this digital age, designers can work anywhere. “We definitely have seen a trend over the past few years of studios like ours getting out of New York and L.A. to embrace smaller, creative communities across the country. We had always done that being originally based in Miami, we collaborated with international clients around the world, all connected digitally. Now, we can work from Miami and Santa Fe, or anywhere frankly. And remain centered in a community that is dedicated to artists and the artistic process.”

For Little Big Bang’s Beauclair and Barros, their combined global experiences shape how they see the world. Their unique vision, coupled with a collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, affords them the privilege of working with highly talented and respected professionals across all industries. Having garnered numerous industry awards from PromaxBDA, the Addys and the Tellys, Little Big Bang offers branding solutions for the film and television industry, advertising agencies and small businesses. A list of services includes: design and animation, show and network branding, large-format displays and digital signage, title sequences and credits, corporate presentations and events, commercial production, and art direction.

Just this year, Little Big Bang has recently completed a series of forward-thinking, new projects including: “La Banda” (from Syco, the same creator of “American Idol” from Simon Cowell) and FremantleMedia, which airs on Univision. Little Big Bang branded and created a graphics package for the taped and live shows and created some of the stage graphics for print. Also for FremantleMedia, they branded and created an entire graphics package for “Dale Replay.” Little Big Bang is currently working on “Future Fantasy Delight,” a series of five-minute trailers, produced by Meow Wolf (www, This innovative project is in collaboration with Creator-Artist Nico Salazar. The Little Big Bang team is providing traditional animation techniques, as well as 3D animation for this unique series. The Little Big Bang team is also working on a graphics open for the Meow Wolf documentary, set for the Sundance Film Festival.

Little Big Bang’s Creative Director Cynthia Beauclair grew up all over South America and attended American schools. She is proficient in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese), and graduated at the top of her college class. Cynthia dove right into a career in advertising in Miami, the center of the multicultural advertising industry, and spent eight years at CBS as an Assistant Art Director. She has enjoyed a very successful, 20-year career in the motion graphics industry and has garnered awards from PromaxBDA, including a Gold, and various Telly Awards for her work. Cynthia has taught motion graphics at Miami Ad School as well, and is a hands-on Designer herself. When she met and partnered with Creative Director Ricardo Barros, the vision for Little Big Bang was born in 2011, and she has never looked back. Her skill set focuses her on client relations and direction of the growth of the international boutique studio.

Originally from Brazil, Creative Director Ricardo Barros moved to the U.S., first to Boston and then to Miami. Tri-lingual in English, Portuguese and Spanish; Ricardo is a graduate of the highly respected FullSail University. He has spent 20 years in the motion graphics industry at such leading networks and cable nets as CBS, Univision, Discovery Channel, as well as with American basketball team Miami Heat. Ricardo has also garnered numerous awards for his work from PromaxBDA and the Tellys. Ricardo is classically trained in the visual arts and a Motion Design Director and hands-on Designer.

For Beauclair and Barros, at Little Big Bang, they remain committed to being a design-driven studio. “Design comes first for us,” Beauclair concludes. “We are a global studio, which is multi-disciplinary, and provide turn-key solutions for our clients. We like to develop client ideas and provide new solutions. And, we strive every day to be unique without pretense.” Barros adds: “We love to collaborate with clients and artists every day. We simply love what we do, and we have fun doing it.”