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Big Block Welcomes Director Cody Stokes

From the release:

Content production agency Big Block welcomes director Cody Stokes to their deep and growing bench of talent. Stokes is a talented and resourceful filmmaker, known for turning out compelling work across mediums, be it short films, documentaries, features or commercials.

A Midwesterner who cut his teeth directing in New York before pivoting into a career engaging in film adventures around the world, Stokes has spent a lifetime absorbing a diverse cross-section of American and global society. Whether working on a behind-the-scenes series for GQ, writing one-act plays or children’s books, or shooting the latest commercial for BMW, Microsoft and Nike, Stokes engages in the human story of all his work. He can easily flip from filming guerilla soldiers on the border of Rwanda to directing silent, experimental comedy shorts about an automated barbershop.

Stokes has a rare visual fluency informed by his interdisciplinary background, encompassing the commercial, documentary and narrative realms that stretch further beyond American appeal. This has resulted in international distribution for his projects as well as a Princess Grace Award for his film work. He brings a sense of genuine authenticity and humanity to all his visuals, whether it’s a commercial for American Express or a film of his own, Stokes has knack for taking the reality of the world and translating it cinematically.

Stokes’ manifold talents have found the perfect home on the growing Big Block roster, says Executive Producer Geno Imbriale. “Pardon the pun, but we are completely stoked to have Cody come on board. His keen aesthetic and gift for storytelling is all his own, and we’re excited to help share it with the world.”