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Brickyard VFX Boston Moves Into New Digs

From the release:

Brickyard VFX Boston has moved into a new 8,000-square foot studio near downtown Boston in the Leather District. The ‘new’ home is in a 100-year old factory that was stripped to the studs and retrofitted with Brickyard’s collection of vintage doors, furniture, walls, windows, and floors–including an 1890s carved oak bar and glass studded sidewalk from an old industrial neighborhood in Fitchburg, Mass. Brickyard was founded in 1999, and this marks the company’s third location, moving from its previous Newbury Street home.

The remarkable space houses seven Flame bays, multiple CG workstations, a four-wall edit room, expanded production offices, and a screening room to facilitate virtual grading sessions with Company 3 colorists in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta.

Each of the new Flame bays also has stations for assistants, giving them exposure to clients aligning with Brickyard’s model of growing talent from within. The new secure server room boasts advanced technology infrastructure and an eco-friendly cooling system that coexist seamlessly with Brickyard’s highly curated vintage aesthetic.

“We finally have the elbow room we always wanted,” said Executive Producer Kirsten Andersen. “We love the neighborhood, it’s right on the edge of downtown and most of our Boston-based clients are within walking distance!”

“We loved this building and were able to restore the old character, from the paint and exposed brick to the original factory floors and beams. We designed the layout of this new space from scratch, custom tailored to meet the needs of our artists, staff and clients, and to accommodate some of our crazy vintage pieces as well. Every single nut and bolt and antique door was moved over from our prior space, with many fantastic new additions to boot,” said Brickyard VFX co-founder, Dave Waller.