Collectif 99 Joins Eddy Animation Roster

From the release:

Eddy Animation is thrilled to announce that Collectif 99° is joining our roster of animation directors ! We were impressed by their eclectic graphic styles, their sensitive and full of imagination animated work, and their team spirit.

Collectif 99° is a group of 11 artists who met at the Atelier Supérieur d’Animation in Paris. It is during this time that they formed a strong bond and eventually continued to collaborate on various projects (form commercial works, to music videos and short films), each contributing with their own graphic universe and set of skills.

With Eddy, Collectif 99 signed 3 animated sequences for a mixed media Lutti commercial which was released last year. This was quickly followed by the animated music video “Kind of Morning” for the French indie rock band Please. It is mostly inspired by the band’s 70’s vibe and colorful world.

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