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Deducers Announces New “Spark” Course for Motion Design and Post Producers

From the release:

Deducers, a first-of-its-kind professional training program for producers working in the specialized intersection of motion design and post-production, will unveil its second in-depth course featuring a blended curriculum this June.

The 10-week course, aptly titled Spark, is designed for those new to the industry or early in their careers as coordinators and production assistants. Kicking off June 21, Spark contains everything participants need to learn about the role producers play within creative studios and the responsibilities coordinators will be expected to perform as a part of the production team. Participants in Spark will gain fluency in the language of motion and post-production while accruing the skills they need to navigate the production process effectively.

Established by production industry veteran Rebecca Olson and Curriculum Director Dr. Kacey Warren, the Deducers curriculum embraces scientifically established methods of teaching in order to promote strong learning and retention of the five core competencies essential to effective and efficient production: scheduling, budgeting, resourcing, managing scope and guiding others.

“I’m very excited about this new curriculum for Spark,” said Kacey. It’s going to provide a very sturdy backbone for anyone coming into the industry and will definitely give them a leg up in a tough market.”
In addition to Spark, Deducers is bringing back its well-received Flame course for junior and associate producers. Beginning June 20, Flame will fuel participants with expert tips on how to create scope proposals and leverage scope agreements to manage jobs effectively. Participants will also learn how to identify resources, negotiate rates and guide teams efficiently through productive communications.

“My favorite thing last term wasn’t just teaching—although our students were fabulous—it was witnessing their growth and hearing how they were putting the material to use to do their jobs,” said Rebecca. “Our curriculum provides foundational and practical skills, and to see our students execute them was extremely rewarding.”

“The Flame course came along at the perfect time in my animation production career,” said Poolbar Owner/Producer Ali Ferrari, who took the course in February. “I’ve been kind of winging it up until now, and Flame has provided some much-needed systems and advice that I’ve already been implementing in my work.”

Deducers’ most advanced course, Blaze (customized for mid- and senior-level producers), will kick off in October. Joining Deducers as an instructor for Blaze is Darren Jaffe, a seasoned executive producer with over 20 years of experience working on groundbreaking content for some of today’s most recognizable global brands.