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From the release:

Animation entertainment studio Aardman Nathan Love has strengthened its directorial roster with the addition of Sean McClintock, who joins the fold with nearly 20 years of experience in an array of mediums including design, directing, illustration and animation.

The versatile, Brooklyn-based McClintock joins the ANL team after wielding his artistic skills for high-profile production companies such as Psyop, Brand New School, The Mill, HUSH and Buck, working with top-tier brands including Nike, Google, Twitter, Coke Zero and Viacom in the process. According to ANL owner/ECD Joe Burrascano, McClintock’s wealth of experience was a key factor in bringing him aboard.

“Sean has an impressively skilled and diverse design background” he says. “Our studio has always been known for high-end character work, but Sean brings a level of sophistication that expands our reach further into the world of design. His experience with the top studios in advertising, combined with his strong and refined sensibilities are sure to bring new and exciting opportunities.”

After being courted by various notable studios over the course of several months, McClintock – who’s inspired by diverse innovators from Tex Avery and Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi to designers like Raoul Marks and Kyle Cooper – finally found kinship with Aardman Nathan Love. “I’ve been a fan of both Aardman and Nathan Love for years,” he explains.

“Both studios have some of the best animators, character designers and storytellers in the business. And on top of that, they have a great sense of humor that comes across in their work. I’m looking forward to having some fun alongside their very talented and experienced team.”

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