Silence Dree Code director | STASH MAGAZINE

Dress Code Signs Director/Filmmaker Silence

From the release:

Silence is a dynamic creative force who brings high energy, grit, and edge to commercials and music videos alike. Imagining the world as more colourful, cheeky, and cinematic, she brings a playful perspective to the screen by leveraging all the tools in her toolbox: storytelling, composition, styling, colour, and edit, on top of experience in art direction and mixed media.

She cut her teeth in the UK style scene as a photographer and editor, working to define contemporary culture with an aesthetic rooted in fashion, music, and sports. High-concept work with a razor-sharp point of view breathes a dynamic energy into the everyday, with stand out pieces including Nike Air Max Dn starring London-based artist SOLDIER, aesthetic visuals for Versace Tigreca, and a playful music video for Priya Ragu ‘Illuminous’. She has a natural curiosity for the stories of others and loves to capture the essence of humanity, showcased in her touching film for adidas, ‘Safe Spaces Euros’. Silence also captures stills, forming worlds that appear mischievous and layered, full of vivid character.

Silence comments, “I like that Dress Code’s roster isn’t too massive – it creates a more personal relationship. I also feel like each director has a different style which is nice! I simply love to make some cool shit with nice people, and I’m keen to keep evolving my style. I’m also excited to collaborate with more brands on creative campaigns.”

Leah Dorfman, Executive Producer at Dress Code, adds, “A bit weird, a bit loud, and very vibrant: Silence’s personality is seeped into her aesthetic and throughout every piece of her work. When I first met her, it was like a moth drawn to a light; her infectious personality brings you in and you’re instantly transported into Silence’s colorful world. Her fiery energy allows her to think swiftly and handle any situation that arises with poise that instills confidence in the people around her. We couldn’t be more excited to have Silence on our roster to bring in some new flair.”