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Edit 1 Adds Creative Director Ken Kresge

From the release:

NEW YORK, NY – With the opportunity to join forces with a creative talent he’s long-admired and respected, Michael Zimbard, Owner/President of Edit 1, the full-service post production boutique, announced the addition of Ken Kresge as VP Creative Director/Editor. Working alongside Zimbard and Executive Producer Mike Donovan, Kresge will play an integral role in the direction of Edit1 ’s creative work and the company’s overall growth going forward.

For Zimbard, the addition of Kresge sends a clear message to clients and to the advertising/branding community about Edit 1’s commitment to producing the highest caliber content in this increasingly evolving media landscape.

“At Edit 1 we look for opportunities that both help us scale and boost our overall creative output, and bringing on Ken is very much in-line with that strategy,” Zimbard says. “We’re not interested in growth just for the sake of growth, but when a talent like Ken becomes available, you jump on it. He compliments what we already do well, and when you add the fact that so many in our industry know and respect him, it presented a perfect opportunity.”

Zimbard adds that client needs are changing – work needs to get done faster, under more challenging budgets, but with the same (if not greater) expectations for creative excellence.

“Agencies need content in a way they never have before because there are so many ways to reach consumers — online, social, mobile, broadcast,” Zimbard says. “Because of that we continue to expand beyond test commercial work and into some exciting new areas. With Ken aboard we can not only do more, but he shares our desire to always elevate production quality, which is a big win for the agencies and brands who partner with Edit 1.”

For Kresge, who began his career at McCann-Erickson, and spent the last 17 years at The Napoleon Group, the last seven as Creative Director, the decision to join Edit 1 centered primarily on his goal to euphemistically get his “hands dirty again.”

“For me the attraction to Edit 1 is they’re a nimble boutique that can do a lot of things quickly,” Kresge says. “Whether it’s to strategize on the creative, sit in the edit chair, or get behind the camera, it’s important for me to feel connected to what I’m working on. At Edit 1 that kind of involvement is not just welcome, it’s expected. I feel like this is the beginning of the rest of my career.”

Another aspect of the Edit 1 culture that appealed to Kresge is their penchant for taking on passion projects, such as indie music videos and short films.

“Passion projects often lead to innovation and creative expansion,” Kresge notes, “and as someone like me who’s been developing original content for a while now, I look forward to working with the Edit 1 team on that when the time is right.”

Donovan adds, “As a company, we’re incredibly fortunate to have the talents of both Ken and Michael under one roof. They are among the most respected creatives in test commercials and pre-vis in our industry, and to have both here at Edit 1 is a tremendous opportunity for us and for our clients.”