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Electric Theatre Collective Gains Tiffani Manabat as Managing Director

From the release:

Electric Theatre Collective, the award-winning Los Angeles and London-based VFX and post production studio, augments the LA office with commercial production pro Tiffani Manabat as Managing Director. Electric Theatre Collective has established itself as a market leader in visual effects and post production on both sides of the pond, with its London counterpart ranking among the top three VFX post houses in Europe.

Tiffani Manabat, who will be overseeing innovation and strategic directions for Electric Theatre Collective, started in live action commercial production fifteen years ago. She cut her teeth working for companies like Anonymous Content, VH1/MTV, HKM @Radical, and Motion Theory.

While at Motion Theory, Tiffani broadened her production expertise into the post and VFX side. She also previously served as Executive Producer at Caviar LA where she was responsible for revamping their post production process from editorial through VFX finishing, while working closely with the esteemed directorial roster, as well as their client and creative teams.

From there, Manabat became the Vice President and EP of Television, Games, and VR for Digital Domain. During her time there, Tiffani worked on groundbreaking and award-winning projects, such as the blockbuster-level trailer for the bestselling video game Destiny; innovative campaigns for The British Heart Foundation and Nike, and several epic spots for the UFC.

On joining Electric Theatre Collective, Tiffani says it’s the kind of environment she’s always wanted to work in. “When figuring out how to describe this company, the word I kept landing on was electric, which feels like a cliché, but it’s true. There’s something real about this company—it’s in the walls, in the relationships, in their constant need to move, it’s authentic. And that’s what I was so attracted to.”

As Managing Director of the LA office, Manabat brings her strategic acumen, and her ability to expertly interface with clients and creatives. James Drew, Head of New Business, is thrilled with the addition of Tiffani to the LA team, saying, “It was immediately obvious that she fit right into the company culture. Some people don’t get the level of collaboration that we’re about, and Tiffani is this ball of enthusiasm that jumps right in, ready to mix it up and throw curveball ideas at the wall.”

“We’re super excited to have her,” enthuses Kate Hitchings, who has been at the helm of the LA office since day one, and who can now focus on her role as EP while Manabat takes the reins as MD. “From the day we met, Tiffani’s energy and warmth really came across, but she’s also tough. She has exactly the right strategic instincts to guide Electric Theatre Collective through the next chapter of its evolution, and you can really feel the buzz since her arrival.”

Manabat sees Electric Theatre Collective as the antithesis to the current industry trends, “I’m looking at a market crowded with conglomerates who all approach problems the same way. The real truth is I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Holistically, everyone at Electric is so talented. Sitting with production, technology, the leads of each department, the support teams—it’s a lethal bunch. They’re adaptable and they’re quick. They’re hyper-focused and hungry. Electric has the traits I covet, that I believe are still important. They have the finger on the pulse of what’s cool. And the accents help.”

Electric Theatre Collective lives up to their name, having already achieved a clutch of awards in its first years in LA. Tiffani aims to keep the momentum going and strengthen the nascent brand to an entirely different level. Electric Theatre Collective’s work spans all disciplines of visual creativity, CGI, 2D, animation and color grading, driven by a fierce collection of artists, makers and agitators, empowered by industry-leading software.