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EP Molly Mitchell Joins NYC Office of Identity

From the release:

Leading production company Identity, known for imprinting every campaign with individuality in a world of sameness, has announced the appointment of industry leader Molly Mitchell as its newest Executive Producer. With an extensive sales background and a proven track record of cultivating talent, Mitchell is poised to bring fresh creative energy and strategic leadership to the company, now in its 25th year of business.

After many years managing talent for the likes of Big Sky Edit, Assembly Films and MacGuffin Films, to name a few, Mitchell transitioned to working as a producer from production through post, as well as on the agency side. She brings a passion and keen understanding to the ever-evolving industry landscape, and has proven herself to be an agency’s secret weapon, finding untapped talent and seamlessly facilitating campaigns from start to finish. In 2020, Mitchell founded HOUSEBOAT, a “floating” production house built to shape itself specifically for every campaign, with a mission to represent diverse voices and perspectives across the industry.

Now at Identity, Mitchell joins a team that complements her skill set and goals. “It’s invigorating to join a well-established brand that takes risks,” she states. “We share the same enthusiasm for the future of our industry. Identity embraces a different way of thinking, and that was really important for me. I’m really drawn to creative that pushes boundaries, from quirky comedy to provocative tabletop — I like being a part of work that keeps us all on our toes! There’s also a great amount of trust, and that’s paramount to any successful relationship.”

In her new role, Mitchell will oversee all aspects of production and development, working with Identity’s talented directorial roster to deliver groundbreaking work across various mediums. As the industry continues to shift and change shape via new technologies, Mitchell’s appointment serves as a testament to Identity’s dedication to staying at the forefront of creative innovation.

Identity founder Joe Masi shared his excitement for her arrival: “Molly brings great knowledge of what is happening now — the trends, the changes, and the opportunities. Having run her own company, she knows what it takes to be successful, and she’s built an amazing reputation for herself. Identity is involved in many things, and I was looking for someone who could grow not just Identity, but the company as a whole. Once Molly started meeting our directors, it was obvious to all that she is the person to take us to the next level. As things change in our business, so have we, and we have done it successfully. I’m excited to know that adding Molly to the team will bring great new ideas.”