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Fela Signs Director Kajal for US/Canada Representation

From the release:

Culture-defining production company Fela has signed phenom director Kajal for commercial representation in the US and Canada. A Brooklyn native, Kajal is a multifaceted creative who rose to acclaim directing the powerful and transformative documentary short “Protecting Women of Color,” starring Megan Thee Stallion and published by the New York Times.

The provocative film expresses gritty realism and flips the narrative by focusing on the everyday struggles of BIPOC women, earning accolades at the Clios, AICP and Webby Awards. Kajal once again joined forces with Megan Thee Stallion for the launch campaign of Popeyes’ “Hottie Sauce,” her first project with Fela via GUT Miami.

Kajal’s creative portfolio encompasses inspirational campaigns for Nike and Hennessey that celebrate Black and Brown voices, in addition to photographing Issa Rae for the cover of Mic Magazine’s debut print issue in October 2021. She achieved early success directing short films at Complex Magazine, where her documentary with Billie Eilish for Pigeons and Planes helped jumpstart her career.

A rising star across creative disciplines, Kajal uses her art to elevate underrepresented communities and to amplify people of color. She draws inspiration from her experience as a first-generation American to tell genuine stories that are rooted in realism and truth, packing an emotional punch. Kajal’s passion for filmmaking roots back to her youth, watching Bollywood films with her late grandfather – an aspiring director – who taught her the art of film and instilled a sense of humanity that inspires her work today.

“Kajal is a trailblazing director making waves in the industry and paving new paths for underrepresented creatives to achieve success. She’s fearless and strives to tell authentic and thought-provoking narratives that champion traditionally marginalized voices and help impact the way we view the world. Her vision reflects Fela’s mission of telling authentic cultural stories, and we’re excited to grow with her and help her push the narrative forward,” stated Taj Critchlow, Co-Founder, and Executive Producer, Fela.

“From the first moment I spoke with Taj via email, it felt like a genuine connection and a welcoming opportunity. I felt an instant chemistry with the team and powerful synergy, and we align under the same vision of sharing our stories. It’s important that where I found my home is with a team connected to a bigger purpose, and Fela truly feels like home,” shared Kajal.