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Final Frontier Adds Verso Studio to Directing Roster

From the release:

Continuing their recent work together for the Clio Awards, Final Frontier announces the incorporation of Verso Studio into their directorial talent, focusing on CG for Beauty and Luxury products in the Asian Market.

Gus Karam, Co-founder and CSO from Final Frontier says: “Verso Studio’s work stands out for its sophisticated style, driven by the research of new aesthetics. Their creations provide visual experiences, elevating products with a refined and innovative style, and with meticulous attention to every detail. I bet on them as the future trendsetters in the CG studio scene.”

This power trio delivers delicate compositions, with intricate work on particles, textures and fluids, creating scenarios where the fantastic is plausible, making them a perfect fit for Final Frontier. Their reel showcased work for a plethora of brands such as Adidas, Volvo, Bershka, Matsuda, Hamilton, and Dr. Martens, among others.

Inspiration comes to Verso Studio from various sources: art and design play a crucial role, whether it’s product design, fashion, painting, or typography. They study film and animation closely, focusing on shot composition, color, texture, and narrative techniques. Technology is another big influence, as they stay current with the latest software and experiment with its new possibilities. Nature’s beauty and complexity also inspire them, adding depth and authenticity to their work. Additionally, their clients, many of whom are referents, provide a constant source of inspiration.

Their recent collaboration with Final Frontier has been particularly rewarding, being part of the directorial talent for the campaign “Forever Bold” for the CLIO Awards 2024.

Nico Basílico Miara, Co-Founder & Managing Director from Verso Studio shared: “For this new landing, we appreciate not only the production support but also the creative partnership that Final Frontier offers. This synergy has a significant value, and we look forward to deepening our work together. Our goal is to continue growing as artists and building our brand, by expanding our knowledge through this special landing into the Asian market. We are excited to share our passion for unique and impactful films with Final Frontier and their exceptional roster of directors, who are committed to going above and beyond.”

“Besides our recent collaboration in the CLIO campaign, we have a few other surprises with this talented trio. We’re super excited about having them in our family and all the beautiful things we will create together.” completed Gus Karam.