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Flat-e Sign with STRANGE BEAST

From the release:

Directing duo Flat-e (aka Matt Bateman and Rob Slater) join designed-focused production company STRANGE BEAST.

Flat-e’s work include a series of impressive collaborations with brands and artists. Their projects for Nike, ASOS and Sony all stand out as new directions for the brands, driven by innovation and interactive design from Flat-e.

A notable piece is this Internet-breaking film for Sony PlayStation.Watch here; https://vimeo.com/122012548

Another exciting project is Jamie Liddel’s ‘You Naked’, one of the most innovative music videos of last year. Watch here; https://vimeo.com/57927567

Creative director Adam Parry explains, “This a really exciting time for the production industry, with technology evolving at a faster pace than ever before, and brands wanting to find ways of harnessing that”. Executive Producer Sam O’Keefe adds, “Flat-e are on the front line of pioneering new techniques, which they consistently balance with beautiful design: this makes them a perfect fit for us. We already have projects in the pipeline, throwing the traditional media rulebook out the window. “

Merging technology with more organic filmmaking techniques is where Flat-e see their work developing, “Technology is so impressive now that it’s easy to make something that looks slick but lacks any depth or imagination.

“We’re constantly fighting this to the point where we try and break the things we create in order to reveal something better – favouring simple, bold aesthetics, geometric design and natural interaction. We strive to use new technologies and materials in an honest way that tells a story, or creates a certain experience for the viewer without the technology becoming the project.”

On their reasons for joining the Strange Beast roster Flat-e say: “Strange Beast’s design-led approach fits really well with our own studio practice. We love a creative challenge and enjoy finding new ways to achieve things.”