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French Directing Duo Temple Cache Signs with Eddy

From the release:

Eddy is proud to announce the signature of Temple Caché, the french studio led by Marion Castéra and Kelzang Ravach, both directors and creative directors. After working with brands like Hermès, Audemars Piguet, and Tory Burch, they’re ready to change the game in advertising with their unique world.

Both finishing La Cambre in animation, Temple Caché started working together by shooting music videos. After a few years, Kelzang and Marion turned to the internet and started recuperating images and videos to create their now highly stylized collage and mixed media look.

Temple Caché has become a well sought-after collective, for both its advertising spots and its collaborations with music artists, photographers, and magazines. With this, the duo wants to explore new fields and dig deeper into the world of live-action, presently shooting a commercial for a renowned fashion brand.

Temple Caché also conducts a variety of visual research in interactive art (NFTs, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality) with the purpose of developing new mediums for tomorrow’s brand content.