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Friends Electric Launches new Collaborators roster Friends With Benefits

From the release:

Friends with Benefits exists to offer the world a window to creators that we respect and admire. Born out of collaboration, it is a curated, culturally relevant, and experimental athenaeum of artists that can work singularly or together, in part or on whole on projects to bring good ideas to life in mesmerizing and unexpected ways.

The ethos behind Friends Electric has always been to work with artists we love, good people and friends. To us, constantly evolving and being around great art is the way we can be most satisfied as creative people. And along with our main roster, it treads the tightrope of commerce and art perfectly, which is the ultimate goal in our industry right?

We also wanted to create a safe space for artists through which we can support those who are underrepresented in their careers, and we’ll do this through creative and production support as well as general career advice and exposure – help with personal projects and other commissions.

Not everyone wants to be bound by contracts and that’s becoming more and more prevalent – so let’s help them and give them a platform. It’s important to us that the next generation of artists are offered a way in.

Let’s support and nurture fresh talent and offer them an opportunity to build their portfolio to connect with brands, labels, clients and other artists alike. We will pull it all together creatively, manage it, produce it and filter it all under the watchful eye of Friends Electric. (Enter a large eye in back of frame).

We’re constantly being asked to solve creative problems. We’re constantly working with great people outside our main roster so it makes perfect makes sense to embrace that and push them forward. Let’s help grow and incubate artists, to us it feels right to have their talents represented in some way…

..And we offer you lucky, lucky people… the opportunity to help build them and take them to the stratosphere or to a socially distanced silent rave or take them for a walk with your City Narwhal who’s probably less excited about the walk than you are.

We’ve already had great creative successes with this kind of mixed-artist approach having worked with Google, Three (48), John Grant, and Sheba to name a few and we’re super excited to push this further.

FWB artists: