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Golden Signs Director/CD Jamie Webster

From the release:

Jamie Webster, multidisciplinary filmmaker and creative director, joins Golden LA. Webster’s sophisticated eye and his ability to shepherd every element of a project make him a unique addition to the future-facing production house.

“I’d been intrigued by Golden’s reputation for a while now, in particular, Matt Marquis’ role in building the careers of several directors I admire. And when I finally met him, we hit it off immediately,” said Webster.

“Webster is not only a phenomenal storyteller from behind the camera, he’s also an expert in all things VFX. His cutting-edge perspective combined with an ability to conjure beautiful, nuanced performances aligns well with where Golden is and where we’re going,” declares Matthew.

Deeply informed by cinema, contemporary art and underground culture, Webster possesses a bold directorial voice and a comprehensive sense of craft. In a little less than a decade, Webster’s generated an extensive catalog of credits in filmmaking, creative direction, design and post-production with top brands like Subaru, Nike, and Adidas, and famous musical artists like A$AP Rocky, Drake, Migos and even Lil Miquela, the computer-generated pop star.

“Like all directors, I’m a massive fan of cinema in all forms, but my first degree is in fine art and design, so a huge amount of my inspiration comes from other avenues like painting, photography, fashion, and video art. These days I’ve been looking at a lot of Paul Pfeiffer, Matthew Barney, Janiva Ellis, and Satoshi Kon,” said Webster.

Promptly after graduating from the prestigious German art school the Bauhaus, Webster was snapped up by MTV to manage their visual identity. Simultaneously, he founded his full-service Toronto-based production powerhouse, Common Good, with whom he’s made his directing name.

“I really wanted to take a step back, nurture my unique directorial voice, and focus on the elements of storytelling I love. I know that working with Golden will allow me to do that,” said Webster. “Between their amazing team and expertise in VFX, Golden is the perfect fit.”

Webster’s visual style is unmistakably modern, while tonally, his work possesses a deep emotional core. Take his moving spot for Petro Canada Caremakers Foundation, which conveys sacrifices and caretaking demands by flashing the milestones missed by a couple enduring a devastating diagnosis on-screen. Similarly heartrending is Webster’s work for Ronald McDonald House Charities, “Feels like Farther,” a slow-building triumph of VFX that shows just how desperate a parent feels — on a boat in a torrential downpour, in outer space, deep in the arctic tundra — when they can’t be bedside to their sick child.

Likewise, the Bauhaus-trained director’s ability to lean into modern, stylized aesthetics makes him an effortless fit in the world of luxury sports fashion. His surreal spot “Solar Eclipse,” for the fashion partnership Salomon x Fumito Ganryu, artfully follows a breathless figure running through an otherworldly, black-and-white moonscape. Notably, Webster handled “Solar Eclipse” from top to bottom — writing, directing, and creative directing — highlighting the uncommon precision and breadth of ability that make Webster such an asset to Golden’s roster and sister company, Golden Child.