Golden Wolf Acquired by Doodles, Joins Active Ingredient Joint Venture with Psyop

From the release:

Doodles, a leading Web3, media, and entertainment brand, today announced it has agreed on terms to acquire award-winning animation studio, Golden Wolf. The acquisition signals a significant move that strengthens Doodles’ resources to evolve the leading Web3 brand into one of the world’s most innovative franchises.

As part of the acquisition, Golden Wolf’s team would be joining Doodles, bringing their expert experience in animation, visual storytelling, and content creation on a global scale. The acquisition is expected to close in the next few weeks.

The Golden Wolf acquisition would further broaden Doodles’ original content arm, expediting the growth of its ambitious Web3 ecosystem. Following the closing, Golden Wolf and world-renowned artist Burnt Toast will collaborate on original narrative content and the development of Doodles characters, story, and creativity across the board. From brand collaborations to original series and video games, Golden Wolf would be involved in every step of the Doodles content creation journey.

“We are excited about the prospect of welcoming the Golden Wolf team to Doodles. Web3 is powering a new generation of collecting, fandom, and consumer mindset. This investment is a move that advances our strategic priorities of creating world class content, leveraging technology to incubate new formats and ultimately, spreading joy to millions around the world,” said Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles.

As a part of the acquisition, Golden Wolf’s CEO and Founder Ingi Erlingsson would join the Doodles team as Chief Content Officer. He brings a deep background working with global brands and networks such as Nike, Meta, Gatorade, Disney, Adidas and Adult Swim, among others. Erlingsson will continue to oversee and operate both the London and New York offices of Golden Wolf.

“I’m thrilled by the idea of joining Burnt Toast and the rest of the Doodles team on this journey,” said Ingi Erlingsson, CEO and Founder of Golden Wolf. “This partnership will unlock the boundless potential within each of our businesses, accelerating our goal of redefining entertainment through engaging storytelling and worlds.”

In addition, Doodles will leverage Golden Wolf’s strategic partnership with world-renowned, creative-led studio Psyop to launch a joint venture, Active Ingredient, to reinvent storytelling and the tools used to make them a reality. Active Ingredient will use the latest advances in AI and blockchain technology to create innovative tools and techniques for brands, filmmakers, producers, and prosumers.

As part of the deal, Psyop will also be investing in Doodles. The long-term goal of the joint venture is to create a dynamic 360-degree animation production ecosystem that lets creators tell stories in new ways at a fraction of the cost, opening the door to a new era of filmmaking.