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Hornet Adds LA-based Directing Duo Jay and Jin to Roster

From the release:

Hornet Animation announces the addition of LA-based director duo Jay and Jin to its roster, expanding Hornet’s west coast presence. Drawing from their extensive architectural expertise and a collaborative journey of nearly 15 years, Jay Asavabenya and Jin Jindawitchu’s work is infused with a distinctly sensory and immersive artistic perspective. Their work is a masterful blend of technical prowess, fearless experimentation, and an unyielding dedication to intricate storytelling.

A collaboration emerging from shared roots growing up together in Thailand, Jay and Jin weave nostalgia and distant memories into enthralling human-centric stories supported by lush, highly detailed environments. Their collaboration is marked by an innate understanding of each other’s creative process and a natural synergy that facilitates seamless creative expression. Jay’s innate understanding of CG tools to craft hyperreal environments blends with Jin’s ability to curate immersive installations that artfully engage all of the senses.

To create their immersive worlds, the director duo skillfully blends software such as Blender, Unreal Engine, Rhino and TouchDesignER. But Jay and Jin’s creative visions are not confined by the current limitations of technology. They are known for pushing the limits of stylization using new technologies and deftly weaving AI and into their production workflows. Their commitment to cultural-based art direction, weaving hyper-specific aesthetics, and creating shared moments define their artistic philosophy.

Hornet West Coast Executive Producer, Jo Arghiris: “Jay and Jin belong to what I often refer to as the ‘new school collective’ of thinkers and doers. They concept and create with a truly holistic sensibility, elegantly balancing future-forward tools with a deeply personal point of view. In a time when creativity and technology walk hand in hand, and in a territory that typically skews tech-first, I feel confident that Jay and Jin will accomplish remarkable things here on the West Coast and I couldn’t be more excited for their journey.”

Jay and Jin are excited to join Hornet, citing the warm and respectful ecosystem and alignment in storytelling and human-centered animation. They are particularly enthusiastic about bringing their perspective to the industry, and contributing a new voice and cultural richness to Hornet’s diverse and talented team.

Jin: “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Hornet’s exceptional team, exploring new storytelling perspectives, and showcasing our experiences and creative lenses, unique to Southeast Asia.”

Jay and Jin have a new film premiering on Nowness that combines innovative live action and motion capture integration with cinematic styling.