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Hornet Signs Clubcamping to Director Roster

From the release:

Hornet is thrilled to welcome Clubcamping to our director roster.

Named after the notion that they’re a stargazing troupe of animation explorers, Clubcamping is exceptional at character-driven animation and problem-solving through design. They’re comprised of some of the best illustrators, storyboard, animation and compositing artists from Latin America – and we’re so excited to tell you about our new partnership.

We were first mesmerized by Clubcamping’s short film, Tartarus. The film’s dynamic, high-energy animation was overflowing with trippy, cosmic details that enhanced the story without being distracting. It was exactly the type of psychedelic, fluid style we were searching out for our roster. Their spot for Porsche then accelerated our need to connect.

Porsche’s The Legend of Pedro Rodríguez, created in partnership with The Community, is a Speed-Racer-meets-Akira homage to Mexico’s most successful and famous race car driver and the Porsche 917k he was known for driving. The spot incorporates the far-out 60’s and early 70’s graphic design and pop culture references of Pedro’s world with a modern style of movement and transitions. It’s the perfect use of adrenalized animation to tell a poignant and emotional story of a legendary man who never gave up.

According to Kristin Labriola, Hornet’s Head of Creative Development, “The industry is saturated with this kind of dynamic work and we wanted to find a team that really cares about the intention behind the dynamism. Story is where Clubcamping shines and stands out against the competition. Their design range is also quite vast and feels full of potential. We’re excited to be alongside their journey as they really come into their own as directors with a unique point of view.”

Based out of Buenos Aires, Clubcamping first started with Ana Sieglitz, Juliana Millán, and Mariano Fernández Russo in 2018. They found they shared a kinetic energy when working together, as reflected in their style and process, and so joined forces – the rest, as they say, is history.

Every project is a puzzle for Clubcamping and they take their time assembling it. Exploration is a key part of their process, allowing for ideas to shine through that can be refined throughout the project.

“We’re interested in doing the most limited animation we can with the most expression possible, experimenting within those parameters and in different styles. Going from more dynamic, crazy perspectives within limited timing.” says Ana. This is clearly seen in their love for designing surreal characters and building mind-bending worlds using cool aesthetics and acidic humor. And while they’ve mainly focused on 2D animation so far, they’re eager to explore the 3D space.