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Hornet Signs Directing Duo Laser Days for US Representation

From the release:

Hornet announces the addition of mixed media directors Jack Wedge and Will Freudenheim, collectively known as Laser Days, to its roster for US representation. Laser Days’ groundbreaking work integrates cutting-edge technology – including VR, AI powered tools, game engines, and digital fabrication – with iterative experimentation and classic filmmaking expertise to challenge expectations and immerse audiences in stories that center humanity within a digital world.

A childhood friendship between Freudenheim and Wedge evolved into the formation of Laser Days in 2021. From the start, the duo’s work has bridged Freudenheim’s expertise in game design and systems with Wedge’s background in traditional filmmaking. Their collective penchant for innovation consistently results in the creation of new tools and methods for creative exploration, efficiency, and connection with audiences.

From their mesmerizing animated films and games to their immersive live performances and installations, Laser Days elevates the role an environment plays in propelling a narrative and shaping the destinies of the characters. This fascination and care for environments naturally extends from the digital realm to the real world impact of climate change, and this ethos drives their urgent upcoming short, Acid City, which tells the story of a flooded city in the not so distant future.

Michael Feder, Hornet Founding Partner: “Every encounter with Jack and Will leaves me inspired. It’s not just their craft and storytelling, but their experimentation with new technologies and their forward-thinking vision. Their approach and innovative methods were so compelling that we invited them to showcase their process to our entire company. They have a strong footing within the next wave of animation talent, blending boundless creativity with technological innovation. Needless to say, I’m thrilled about the collaborative opportunities ahead with them. I’m also eager to soak up every bit of knowledge and insight they have to offer.”