Industry Vet Loic Dubois Takes Over as Chief Growth Officer at LOBO

From the release:

In a move that solidifies a two-decade-long relationship and reflects the monumental growth and evolution of a globally-based animation and production powerhouse, New York City and Sao Paulo-based creative studio LOBO has promoted Loic Dubois to Chief Growth Officer.

Dubois’ deep connection with LOBO can be traced back to the year 2000, when he started in humble beginnings as a broadcast producer before his path shortly led him to LOBO’s Chief Creative Officer/Founder Mateus De Paula Santos. Dubois quickly progressed from small spot production to assisting and producing more major work directly alongside De Paula Santos.

In the ensuing years, Dubois’ responsibilities at LOBO steadily increased and he would eventually take on the role of international executive producer, collaborating with renowned agencies such as TBWA/Paris (including on the global marketing campaign for the McDonald’s “Happy” character), Publicis, Havas, BBH London, 180 Amsterdam, Kessels & Kramer, Ogilvy & Mather NY, BBDO Energy, McCann Erickson, Arnold Worldwide, and Deutsch LA, among others. This experience would lead him to the position of Global Head of Production, which he would hold until 2016 before eventually pivoting into focusing on new business opportunities on a global scale. With this progression in mind, it only seems logical and a natural transition for the exec to assume the Chief Growth Officer role.

As CGO, Dubois will wear many hats at LOBO, including overseeing the European, Middle Eastern, Asia and North American markets, with a focus on identifying emerging trends and technological advancements that present new opportunities for their organization. In addition, he will be tasked with optimizing internal communication within the organization by, for instance, introducing innovative methods to showcase core creative strengths, and also performing a comprehensive evaluation of the metrics associated with LOBO’s social media platforms and its financial data analysis.

Providing some added color on what being a CGO means today, Dubois explains, “The title of Chief Growth Officer encapsulates a modernized version of the traditional role of a Marketing Director, but with a heightened emphasis on global strategic planning. This includes monitoring and adapting to evolving cultural behaviors and market trends, thereby facilitating our brands in reaching new audiences and clients through a more globally-oriented positioning strategy. This is especially pertinent given the dynamic changes occurring in the realms of entertainment, animation, live action, digital media, and emerging technologies.

Over the past decade, LOBO’s dedicated efforts were directed towards establishing their NYC office, and with the invaluable contributions of their partner NY EP Luis Ribeiro and the strategic move of Mateus to NYC, they witnessed remarkable success. This sustained success is a significant testament to LOBO’s ability to establish and maintain a robust presence in a highly competitive market. Their new goal is for this triumph to be replicated across the European, Asian, and MEA markets.

With a high-level goal to further develop LOBO’s global footprint, Dubois lays out the creative studio’s vision and priorities, specifically in terms of growth. “Our vision encompasses both external expansion and internal development. Externally, we aim to enhance our production capabilities through strategic partnerships and the establishment of new divisions in the live action advertising side but also entertainment and maybe gaming sectors. This approach is crucial given the ever-evolving advertising landscape shaped by social media and the changing preferences and demands of our audience.”

And with the oversight of the European, Middle Eastern, Asia and North American markets being a top priority for LOBO and Dubois, he further explains why he’s ready to take on the Chief Growth Officer role. “My vision is to reestablish LOBO as a dominant force not only in the US market but also to bestow upon it a larger footprint and a more commanding presence in Europe and the Middle East and Asian regions. This entails a strategic expansion effort that encompasses both market penetration and brand recognition across these critical territories.

“With an in-depth understanding of LOBO and proficiency in multiple languages, I’m well-equipped to showcase our creative prowess and cultivate new opportunities in these regions. In this context, our partnership with Michael Stanish from GroundControl in London, established post-pandemic, symbolizes our commitment to this expansion endeavor. Here’s where my expertise becomes particularly valuable. This expertise will play a crucial role in driving our growth and solidifying our position as a global creative leader.”

In terms of why now was the right time for a Chief Growth Officer and what makes Dubois so special, Luis Ribeiro explains, “Loic, an invaluable member of our team long before my tenure at LOBO NY, possesses an unmatched understanding of our body of work. His unwavering passion and dedication have rightfully earned him this well-deserved promotion, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”