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Industry Vet Renee Robson Rises to EP at Imaginary Forces

From the release:

Award-winning creative studio Imaginary Forces has promoted industry veteran Renée Robson to Executive Producer. Robson’s expertise spans production in the realms of traditional live action, motion graphics, and emerging technologies.

In the wake of the Cannes Lions, there is a collective acknowledgment that the industry is in an era of rapid evolution. The ways in which we work must shift to meet the new challenges and opportunities, while staying true to the core principles of the creative industries.

Reflecting on the industry, Robson says,“At Imaginary Forces, there’s a 28-year legacy of rising to the opportunities presented by an ever-changing industry with agility and expertise while continuing to create award-winning, iconic work that has a place in the wider culture.”

“The underpinnings of production excellence aren’t shifting,” says Robson. “As the downward pressure on budgets continues and timelines become increasingly compressed, it remains the job of the producer – perhaps now more than ever – to find innovative solutions that also elevate the idea, the craft, and the creative and to be the best possible advocate for both the creative and the client.”

Robson has a distinguished production background that fuses traditional live action with post-production and emerging tech expertise. Her first tenure at Imaginary Forces began in the early 2000s as a production coordinator.

“I’ll never forget my first job with IF. It was an elemental shoot where we were firing a bullet through a bottle of Powerade and capturing the explosion frame-by-frame. It was thrilling, because up till then my experience was in on-set, live action production. This was the perfect mix of visceral emotions and artful design. I was hooked instantly.”

After several years at IF, Robson returned to live action production to further build her skill set through large-scale, international brand campaigns. She has held leadership positions at Furlined, Tool, and The Sweetshop, developing expertise in production accounting, budgeting, insurance, union policies, and creative production solutions. Notable campaigns include films for Apple, Google, Microsoft, REI, GirlsWhoCode, and SK-II, which have garnered industry accolades, including multiple awards from Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, The One Show, AICP, and Clios.

When re-joining IF in 2017, Robson brought her live action expertise to the team and added another arrow to her production quiver, learning to produce main title sequences.

“The people, the values, and the work drew me back to IF. In a world where having a mission statement and core values are commonplace, Peter and Chip have created an environment that truly champions diversity, curiosity, and creative exploration in all aspects of business – from the people we employ and the projects we take on to creating a space where different opinions are encouraged and acted upon, a commitment to diversity underpins all aspects of our company and you see it reflected in our work.”

“As an Executive Producer, Renée brings a level of expertise, meticulousness, and professionalism that allows our team to continue pushing the boundaries of their creativity, knowing that she will find the best solutions for each project and every challenge,” says Peter Frankfurt, Co-Founder and ECD of IF.

Chip Houghton, Co-Founder and Managing Director of IF comments, “Renée is a production maven. From cutting-edge, industry-first projects such as producing a 6-day shoot on a portable volumetric screen to challenging live action shoots, the insight, experience, and dedication she brings to every project is unparalleled.”

“I’m over the moon at becoming an Executive Producer with IF,” says Robson. “The evolution of the creative industries are unfolding so quickly, and there’s no place I’d rather be as we continue our legacy of co-creating the future.”