From the release:

Able is a new and innovative approach to advertising post production founded by executive producer Louisa Thomson. Able will be the first entirely virtual provider of moving images, content, design and animation in London, working entirely in cloud-based solutions.

Thomson’s team offer a bespoke service to deliver creative moving images via any media and on any screen, focusing on strong producer skills, nimble flexibility, innovation and limitless talent. Their virtual platform reduces the fixed costs involved, allowing clients to get more value for their money whilst still retaining the creative integrity needed on each and every project.

Thomson said, “I’ve been watching the way the industry is going and realized it was time for a fresh way of working. I want to celebrate the amazing range of talent that makes our business so great, and combine that with more creative, dedicated producers to truly support busy clients delivering multiple projects on smaller budgets and with even less time”.

Able, as part of Azure World Media, has full use of Blue 2.0’s established post production facility infrastructure to ensure a robust level of security and quality-control beneath the cloud-based projects. This results in the ability to innovate like a start-up and deliver like a powerhouse.

“We’ve wanted to set up a commercials post service for a while but wanted to do it right”, said Blue 2.0’s MD, Ian Dodd. “The industry is changing and we believe a virtual working platform will provide clients with the first class service they need. These are exciting times for the group.”