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Lithuanian Animation Director and PetPunk Co-Founder Ged Sia Joins NOMINT Roster

From the Release:

Ged Sia, also known as Gediminas Šiaulys, has officially joined the NOMINT family for worldwide commercial representation.

Ged first made waves as the co-founder of PetPunk, a studio that became synonymous with the new design generation from Eastern Europe. PetPunk was the first studio from the Baltic States to win the Young Guns prize by the Art Directors Club in New York. They also received the prestigious Golden Stage Cross Award for their work in theater and have collaborated with high-profile clients like Sprite, MTV, and Nike.

Since embarking on his solo career, Ged has continued to captivate audiences. His short film ‘Running Lights’ has won multiple international awards and has been featured in over 30 film festivals worldwide. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming ‘Amber Tale’ short based on a Lithuanian myth about amber—a romantic story full of tenderness, magic, eroticism, and sacrifice.