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The Lively Group Welcomes Liz Mason to BlueRock as Managing Director

From the release:

Lively Group is excited to announce the addition of Liz Mason as managing director of New York-based creative editorial shop BlueRock. In her new role, Mason will be responsible for continuing to elevate the standards for creative excellence and technological innovation for which both she and BlueRock have become known.

With vast experience across both traditional and new media, Mason brings transformative thinking and a deep understanding of the post production landscape as well as content-driven work to BlueRock. Her strong commitment to editors, along with her belief in the power of innovation, will help the company continue to grow its traditional business while expanding its boundaries to embrace a more diverse range of projects.

Recognizing that new technology can be creativity’s best advocate in today’s cross-platform atmosphere, Mason has led teams that have not only mastered the latest advancements, but have also created new industry standards.

“The reason we’ve been in business for such a long time is because we respond nimbly to the fast changing media environment,” said Ethel Rubinstein, Owner/CEO, Lively Group. “Liz has the vision and the breadth to further our legacy by exposing us to new ways of creating effective and entertaining content. She will be invaluable in helping our editors find increasingly new and innovative ways for their clients to communicate with their audiences.”

“Joining BlueRock was all about embracing a new challenge,” said Mason. “I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of what they are doing here. This is such a strong company with many very talented editors. The chance to help provide new opportunities for them was irresistible. For me, it’s all about doing great work and this made my role with BlueRock a perfect fit.”

Mason joins BlueRock following eight years as managing director of RadicalMedia’s New York and LA-based in-house post team, Outpost Digital. Under her watch, Outpost took on a massively diverse range of projects, including large-scale traditional commercials, web initiatives, episodic series, feature length films, virtual reality, experiential content and some of the first 4K content ever required by Netflix.

Mason has also worked and collaborated with many high profile artists, creators and filmmakers, such as Steve Buscemi, Ron Howard, Matt Dillon, Steve Zaillian, Olivia Milch, Cary Fukanaga, Liz Garbus and Robert Redford.

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