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LOBO Signs Brazilian Prodco Surreal Hotel Arts for US Representation

From the release:

International creative animation/design studio LOBO now represents lauded production company Surreal Hotel Arts and their roster of directors exclusively in U.S. markets.

A Brazilian audiovisual production company launched in São Paulo in 2021, Surreal Hotel Arts operates globally in the realms of advertising, branded content, and entertainment, counting among their clients A-list brands such as Apple, Google, and Netflix. The unconventional name “Surreal Hotel Arts” exemplifies a dreamlike space at the center of encounters, events, stories, and secrets–not unlike a hotel–where creativity and innovation can thrive.

Principals include Partner and director Carlão Busato, Head of Operations Cris Chacon, EP Milena Trindade and HOP Luciana Martins. Surreal, in addition to its executive, production and post-production centers, boasts a creative team connected with market trends to develop wide swathes of projects. Their director roster retains standouts Blake Farber, Oriol Barberà and Lu Villaça, alongside many others.

The two companies have already secured a U.S.-based ad campaign together, directed by Barberà, as a result of their partnership, to launch in 2023.

Notes Carlão, “Surreal is a Brazilian production company prepared for the world. The directors’ profile already shows that, and we have a team that has worked with other production formats, international teams and global clients. A partnership between Surreal and LOBO provides an exchange full of cross-company experiences, which makes us even more complete for the American market.”

Carlão also serves as a company roster director, one of the most awarded directors in the Brazilian market with national and international projects spanning his more than 20-year career. Surreal additionally signed Oriol Barbera, who has directed films for brands such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Bonafont, among others. North American Blake Farber has helmed projects in more than 30 countries, including Japan, Germany, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates for brands like Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Ray-Ban, and Guinness. Lu Villaça crafts films for brands including Amazon and Facebook, in addition to co-directing the documentary Pagliacci (2018).

Adds LOBO Executive Producer Luis Ribeiro, “When Carlão first approached me about us working together, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. Not only because I have been a huge fan of Carlão as a director, but also because I had already heard about all the wonderful things Surreal is doing as a creative company and as a diverse organization. They started from the ground up with such noble and innovative principles and practices, which they exemplify with every project. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be representing them in the U.S. market.”

Surreal is a signatory of the commitment to the UN Global Compact, formed by companies and organizations that chose to advance through a more sustainable and long-lasting model.

One of their initiatives includes the Responsible Set, which tackles waste management and CO2 offset resulting in the planting of 474 tree seedlings in the Amazon region. LOBO additionally earned its Minority-Owned Business Enterprise certification via NYC Small Business Services, qualifying the company to work with clients seeking to collaborate specifically with minority-owned businesses.