MOUVO, Prague’s Annual Digital Art Conference, Tackles Design, Motion, and AI March 1-2

The Mouvo Conference brings together a selection of the most fascinating speakers from the global audiovisual culture scene whose work oscillates at the intersection of graphic design, animation, film, and interactive technologies.

The conference will address the autonomous creation of machine learning, freed from human control, currently communicated as artificial intelligence. The pattern of the mechanism itself gradually emerges from the increasingly saturated nebula of images. Restrictions preventing action against the interests of creators can be bypassed, and the mechanism thus becomes a tool for unpredictable intentions.

The conference will host a panel on AI and machine learning, facilitating a smooth continuation of the discussion from Mouvo 2023. The panel discussion will be moderated by Vit Zemcik and feature guests such as Moritz Schwind (Nuremberg Tech professor, Entagma) and Tomáš Hříbek (PhD from the Prague Institute of Philosophy).

Where: Technology Centre of the UMPRUM building at Mikulandská, Prague
When: March 1-2, 2024
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Zurich-based creative robotics studio AATB is coming to Prague, represented by Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet. They are dedicated to the tight coupling and understanding of manufacturing processes – from software programming and electronics to engineering and precision machining. Their work draws from the proliferation and assimilation of robotics into everyday activities and critically examines new situations resulting from these shifts.

Linus Ekenstam
Linus is a Swedish product designer who recently settled in Barcelona, where he has been working on UI and UX design at Typeform. Linus has been involved in founding several startups focused on urban design and teaching coding to children. His passion lies in emerging tools using AI for design. He publishes his insights and ideas in the Inside My Head AI newsletter.

Paul Lëon
Paul is an artist from the Swiss studio Floating Point who likes to get inspired by science fiction and anthropology. In his work, he critically looks at and confronts the impact of new technologies on the world of today and tomorrow. He will present an original and interactive exhibition project called Fantastic Smartphones, in which students from the Swiss school ECAL took a critical look at the use of the smartphone as an object of our everyday life.

Territory Studio & Christopher Grünberger
Known for designing on-screen graphics for countless contemporary visionary films, Territory Studio has depicted artificial intelligence for titles like Ex-Machina and Ready Player One – work that often casts a not-so-positive light on the future direction of the technology.

The Norwegian studio Bakken & Bæck has gradually expanded to other European cities. Undoubtedly, the studio’s approach to digital design makes it one of the most compelling creative agencies in Europe and beyond. Typically, they thrive in balancing the boundaries between research, user experience, visual identity, experimentation, and critical exploration. Researchers Amelie Dinh and Iris Cuppen will present their studio’s methods for experimentation and discovering new designs to the Mouvo audience.

Dominic Wilcox
Dominic Wilcox is a British designer, artist, and inventor who works between the worlds of art, design, craft, and technology to create thought-provoking objects that inspire, surprise, and delight. His diverse creative work includes watch sculptures, GPS shoes, and a stained glass car of the future which was recently shown at London’s Science Museum.

Lucas Hesse
Lucas Hesse is a graphic and motion designer based in Hamburg, Germany. He works in visual communication centered on typography and motion design. As an independent graphic and motion designer since 2016, he has had the opportunity to work for renowned and international clients. “My work is very systematic. I break down the content into its simplest form and put it in a graphic system that is as straightforward as possible.” His Swiss-inspired work focused on simple grids is a testament to his process, providing viewers with attainable clarity.

MAXON has been an integral part of the Mouvo conference since the very beginning of 2016. This year, they will present their products through the work of the studio FOUND. Clayton Welham, creative director of London-based studio FOUND, and designer Andrea Marshall will join us in Prague. And a designer TimTim – Timea Balo whose signature works play with typography while using vibrant colors.

An audiovisual project that explores the boundaries of intimacy and tells its story using a digital avatar. In the songs, he addresses the future of artificial intelligence, the omnipresence of algorithms in our lives – and how slowly they are taking over every aspect of it.