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Nirad “Bugs” Russell: New East Coast EP at MassMarket

After 10 years split between the London and New York offices of Absolute Post, Nirad “Bugs” Russell moves to the Lower East Side as MassMarket‘s new East Coast EP.

From the release:

NEW YORK, MARCH 9, 2015 – Following the success of their Super Bowl work for NBC, award-winning bi-coastal visual effects studio MassMarket is excited to announce the appointment of Nirad ‘Bugs’ Russell to oversee its busy New York production office. Russell will manage day-to-day production, following a decade of work with Absolute Post, where he was instrumental in opening both their London and New York City offices and served as a Senior Producer.

Russell has earned a reputation for technologically innovative work, including AT&T’s award-winning “The New Possible” campaign, which integrated live Olympic record results into a fully produced spot, seemingly in real time. Together with Los Angeles Executive Producer Blythe Dalton Klippsten, Russell is harnessing that spirit of innovation to set a new creative course for the company.

“We’ve created a fun, hard-working culture at MassMarket. Despite the distance, the New York team maintains close contact with the West Coast team. Our pipeline is such that we can share resources and work seamlessly across offices. It’s especially important to us that we feel like a family and act as one company, despite the distance,” says Russell.

“We’re already off to a great start working on Adam Berg’s next project, along with a few other exciting projects that are under way. As we move forward, we continue to seek out a balance of creative and technical talent, and take pride in developing junior members of our team into award-winning artists; this is a part of our culture that I love and what makes us MassMarket.”

“This new chapter at MassMarket is exciting to be a part of with Bugs by my side,” says Dalton Klippsten. “We have the same goals and aspirations for being a problem solving, client catered company creating personal relationships through a boutique style company.”

Russell has hit the ground running, using his wealth of previous experience to take the reins of MassMarket’s ongoing East Coast productions without hesitation. Next up, the team is set to continue its relationship with renowned Smuggler director Adam Berg, hot on the heels of their recently completed “The Real Cost” campaign, a collaboration with FCB Garfinkel that has been turning heads with its dramatic depiction of the harms of smoking in the form of an army of menacingly-realized monsters. On the West Coast, MassMarket’s team had a Super Bowl spot of their own for E!’s “The Royals,” a first ever for that network, and recently completed new work for Honda and director Mike Maguire at Biscuit Filmworks, which aired as part of Honda’s President’s Day Weekend campaign.