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Ntropic London Welcomes Directors Brian Williams and KAM

From the release:

Following the launch of its newest office in London, the UK hub of award-winning creative studio Ntropic has brought on directors Brian Williams and KAM (Katie McQuillan). Singular talents with boundless expertise in visual storytelling, each director brings a creative voice and collaborative spirit to Ntropic, helping to further strengthen its already substantial network.

“When we set out on this journey to launch the London office, we started thinking about the people that we want to partner with – people that make sense for the collaborative type of studio that we are building,” explains Ntropic Founder and Chief Creative Officer Nate Robinson. “It’s people that are like-minded, with different styles but all very complimentary to one another. Both Brian and Katie are egoless creatives who also have confident ideas about the stories they want to tell and are super passionate about what they do.”

KAM joins from The Mill where she earned a spot as one of its most promising directors. There she first met Ntropic Executive Creative Director Aidan Gibbons, forming a friendship that informed her professional path and facilitated her eventual move to Ntropic. Over her career, KAM has brought her sly and heightened perspective to various spots for EA SPORTS/FIFA, Irish e-commerce startup Haru, as well as her own short film “A-Z of NI” which breaks down famously inscrutable Northern Irish slang with deft wit and a pinch of ridiculousness.

Now, at Ntropic, she will serve as both a Director and Art Director, helping to guide the studio’s overall creative vision. “I’m quite interested in raw filmmaking – really bringing a surreal aspect to something that’s rooted in reality,”’ says KAM. “I want to create something that feels new, fresh and different and I know my time at Ntropic will give me that opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Williams originates from the world of graphic design, having worked on album covers (most famously U2’s Zooropa) before moving into becoming an advertising and short film director. At agency Dynamo, he worked on channel visuals for TG4, TV3 and the MTV Music Awards. Since then, he’s created huge heartfelt campaigns for Toyota, Bridgestone, and Children in Need, cinematic stories for Jose Cuervo and high concept work for Rolls Royce. His hands-on approach involves capturing the ordinary in extraordinary ways or creating worlds from scratch, whether with physical sets, installations or fully CG.

“Creativity is the key of course,” says Williams. “That and finding creatives that trust me, which is why Ntropic is such a great fit. I come from a design background and I ran a company so I’m very good at working with a client to create a concept, then finding a creative solution that is both weird and wonderful.”

Williams and KAM’s announcement comes just as Ntropic opens its newest space located in London’s lively Fitzrovia neighborhood – an area perfect for sparking creativity. “When you walk in, it feels like a very collaborative space,” says Robinson. “It’s inspiring and validates that we’re doing it right. It’s great to have a space that actually embodies what Ntropic is all about and allows us to do what we’re great at – whether it’s production, design/VFX, creative development, or anything else.”

Now, with both joining the Ntropic family, the studio can continue to forge its path toward what it believes constitutes the future of the industry. “These are creatives that offer more than just ideas, they have the passion and perseverance to solve problems and bring concepts to life,” continues Robinson. “We want to be more agile, nimble and add real value for the clients we work with. That also means finding the right clients who value that high level of creativity and consideration that we can provide. As the industry continues to shift and change, we’re going to keep expanding our capabilities, and partnering with talents like Katie and Brian is an important step in our growth and evolution that speaks directly to the great things we see on the horizon.”

Both Brian Williams and KAM are represented by Bec Cunningham.