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Partizan Befriends Radical Friend

From the release:

Radical Friend, the directing duo of Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian, has joined Partizan. The Radical Friend aesthetic consistently stands in a class of its own; each frame of their work is meticulously designed, then cut together in a kinetic way that assaults the senses.

The work of Radical Friend often involves an interactive component that transports the viewer into the world they have created. This genre-mixing, high-concept approach has led Radical Friend to be named among the “25 New Faces in Film” by FilmMaker Magazine and the “14 Directors to watch in the YouTube Age” by The New York Times.

Their breakthrough into the music world came when they helmed Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp,” followed by their epic VMA-nominated clip for Skrillex feat. The Doors, leading Radical Friend to be listed on Rolling Stone’s ballot of the “50 People Who Will Change Music.”

McClure and Grigorian have translated this music video edge to spots for brands like adidas, Lincoln, Converse, and Bud Light, as well as the thrilling sci-fi film trailer “Disruption” to launch the Type-R Honda Civic in the UK. Radical Friend’s passion for exploring new ways of telling stories is evident in their much-lauded Lexus presentation “Design Disrupted,” a 15-minute holographic ballet featuring Coco Rocha that bridged the worlds of fashion, cinema and technology.

In July, Radical Friend unleashed a darkly mysterious promo heralding Britney Spears’ return to the 2016 MTV VMAs stage, amplifying the anticipation of her comeback performance with every turn. They are currently in production for a gaming company commercial.

“How could you not be impressed by Radical Friend?” says Partizan Founder Georges Bermann. “They know exactly how to create a sense of tension that grabs hold of the viewer and doesn’t let go. They are masters of new mediums, from interactive films to creating hypnotic multimedia sensory experiences, all at the same time being true cinematic filmmakers at their core. ”

“Radical Friend is what the new breed of directors should be: a combination of narrative, art direction, and enormous production value. That’s everything we love at Partizan.”

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