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Pete Candeland Signs with Partizan

From the release:

We’re excited to announce that director Pete Candeland has chosen Partizan as his new creative home, where he can continue to thrive as a luminary filmmaker. Pete is a multi-faceted talent who brings with him a wealth of experience across 2D, 3D, and live action mix animation. Among many career highlights, Pete has been the creative mind behind iconic Gorillaz music videos, genre-defying cinematics for the Rockstar game franchise and numerous highly emotive BBC trailers.

Pete’s work is visually stunning and emotionally engaging. Or as Rolling Stone Magazine put it, “jaw-dropping” and “insanely cool”. His style is epitomized by highly conceptual narratives, strong graphic sensibilities, and artful compositions. Beyond this, his future-facing approach sees him constantly searching for new and exciting ways in which to tell stories. This has led him to earn a reputation as one of commercial animation’s most respected directors.

Speaking on the move, Pete said, “Partizan has been a long time inspiration for me. I’ve looked up to and admired the company and it’s directors from afar for years – quite literarily years.
To me, Partizan always been the foremost inspiring group, leading the way creatively and bursting with imagination. They continue to show that filmmaking needn’t be bound singularly by technique, but rather that filmmaking is a true home for imagination to flourish – not just within the frame lines, but beyond that in the hearts and minds of viewers. I love the opportunity this brings and can’t wait to explore fantastic, imaginative and visual ways to tell stories together. I’m absolutely thrilled.”

On our part, we look forward to seeing what new trails Pete blazes at Partizan.

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