Bob-Partington-Good Times | STASH MAGAZINE

Pioneering Director Bob Partington Joins Good Times for US Commercial Representation

From the release:

Production company Good Times has welcomed inventive filmmaker Bob Partington to their diverse roster of talent. Partington is an award-winning commercial director and acclaimed mechanical sculptor known for his unique, contemplative approach to problem-solving, real-life builds, practical in-camera shoots, and construction of worlds.

“He is behind inspired projects for Stella Artois, Apple, Samsung, and Ford; and his Volvo campaign “Highway Robbery“ won three Cannes Lions. His distinctive approach has made him ideal for the experiential sphere, helming events for Xbox, Wendy’s, IBM, and IKEA, to name a few.

“It’s the people at Good Times that drew me in,” said Partington. “It’s rare to find collaborators that you can trust so implicitly. I have a history with Eric (McCasline, Co-Founder/EP, Good Times) and Corwin (Carroll, Co-Founder/EP, Good Times) and our re-teaming happened very organically. They inspire me with their positivity and forthrightness, and I’m really looking forward to finding great projects and making them happen.”

“Bob’s brain is one of a kind, so obviously we’re stoked to have him join Good Times,” said McCasline. “His work is visceral, and he’s a genuine, fun person to be around. Bob seems happiest when he’s sorting the mechanics of a concept and finding elegant, effective solutions. We’ve loved working with him on jobs in the past, and we’re excited to continue our collaboration.”

Partington began his career as an engineer before going on to earn a Masters in Fine Arts from NYU. From there, he worked in stop motion animation production for MTV’s Celebrity Death Match, which later led him to direct experimental and music videos. His interest in filmmaking was born out of his desire to document his artistic projects in a compelling, inspiring, and entertaining way.

Things came full circle when Partington took home a Moonman at the MTV Music Awards for OKGO’s “The Writing’s On the Wall.” In addition to having his own History Channel show, ThingamaBob, Partington landed a world record and a Webby for “The World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg.”

Partington joins Shelley Lewis, Bonnie + Alison, Derek Westerlund, Jason Cook, Jaochim Zunke, Kevin Schowengerdt, Michelle Pak, and Oliver Davies on the Good Times roster. He is also represented by OB42 in the UK.