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Postal Expands Adding UVPHACTORY’s Damijan Saccio and Gene Nazarov

From the release:

New York, NY (February 10, 2016) — Postal, Humble’s sister shop for design and VFX, announces a significant expansion of both post production offerings and talent with the addition of Executive Producer Damijan Saccio and Creative Director Gene Nazarov. Both Saccio and Nazarov join Postal from award-winning motion design and visual effects studio UVPHACTORY, which Saccio co-founded in 2000.

Bringing talent and experience in the broadcast design and branding space to Postal, the pair will work closely with Postal’s Executive Creative Director Sam Stephens and Humble’s Director of Business Development Jason Mayo to serve clients and continue the shop’s growth.

“We’re so excited to to have Damijan and Gene join the team at Postal,” said Mayo. “I’ve been following UVPHACTORY for a long time and have even competed against them. I’ve been trying to steal Gene for years but the timing was never right. The stars completely aligned on this one. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to land an EP and Creative Director from one of the top design shops in the city all at once. This is a game-changer in every sense of the word.”

Most recently at UVPHACTORY, Saccio and Nazarov worked with clients ranging from AT&T and Coca-Cola to Condé Nast and General Electric. The shop has won numerous awards for its broadcast promos and graphics packages for networks including Syfy and VH1, and pioneering music videos such as Björk’s “Wanderlust.” UVPHACTORY is also well recognized as a technical innovator, utilizing stereoscopic 3D, augmented reality, and other interactive technologies in various experiential design projects.

Prior to co-founding UVPHACTORY in 2000, Saccio served as creative director at 3D visualization house IOMedia, and as lead animator at game developer Cybersites. He has a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University, is a published photographer, and has taught 3D design and animation at the School of Visual Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York University, and Columbia University.

Nazarov joined UVPHACTORY in 2012 as creative director, and previously worked at top design and visual effects shops including The Mill, Brand New School, and ATTIK. He holds a degree in computer art and graphic design from the School of Visual Arts.

“I had been searching for ways of expanding our offerings for our clients and feel like Gene and I found the perfect opportunity at Postal. We’re so psyched to work with Sam and Jason, whose skills and strengths complement ours,” commented Saccio. “All the things I had been looking for in terms of production infrastructure and truly high-end VFX capabilities are here at Postal. It was really the perfect opportunity and perfect timing to make a stronger combined whole from the individual parts we all had. It’s a very exciting place to be right now!”