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Ranger & Fox Adds Jared Doud as Managing Director

From the release:

Los Angeles, CA – May 30, 2019 – Ranger & Fox, the design-driven animation studio, announced today that Jared Doud has joined the in-house team as Managing Director.

Doud, an Executive with over a decade of experience in branded content, experiential, broadcast, gaming, and new media, strengthens Ranger & Fox’s creative offerings and pushes the company’s ability to deliver innovative design and animation projects. Additionally, Doud will oversee new and existing account relationships and maintain quality in-house production while focusing on elevating the client experience.

“Jared’s big-picture thinking and attention to detail will undoubtedly help the studio flourish as we continue to grow,” says Brett Morris, Ranger & Fox’s Creative Director, who co-founded the company with partner & Creative Director Stephen Panicara. “Along with his vast experience and expertise, Jared’s warmth and lightheartedness is such a welcome addition to the studio,” says Panicara. “His effortless ability to make everyone feel at ease and appreciated is something that will be greatly valued by clients and staff alike.”

Doud arrives at Ranger & Fox following a stint as Head of Production at Capacity, where he helped nurture it’s broadcast offerings while successfully pivoting into gaming and esports. Taking the skill sets that supported clients like NBC and NFL Network Jared created key opportunities in the gaming space allowing Capacity to bring design and animation to many of today’s top gaming publishers & studios like Activision, Blizzard and Epic Games.

“I’ve always been huge fans of the creative minds behind Ranger & Fox and I’m excited to reunite with this talented team. There’s nothing better than creating something amazing with people you really enjoy. I think brands will be amazed at the creative thoughtfulness coming out of this studio for years to come. ” says Doud.

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