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NotReal and David Luepschen Join Jelly

From the release:

New York and London animation production company and illustration agency Jelly recently signed craft & comedy Director David Luepschen to their UK roster and the multidisciplinary Creative Studio/Directors NotReal to both their UK and US animation offering.

Animation Director David Luepschen infuses craft into his every output, creating a mix of high-end stop motion/live-action projects and kooky passion pieces. This spectacularly varied body of work, bound together by a wacky sense of humour and storytelling approach has earned him clients including Google, Nike, Adobe, Cartoon Network, BBC, Creative Review, O2, Panasonic, Sony Playstation, SKY, Wolff Olins, Pentagram Design and more. David has a penchant for finding a ‘face’ in everything he sets his eyes on and is a master of creating totally unique & dynamic character designs and surreal worlds.

NotReal are a multidisciplinary Creative Studio/Animation Directors duo, who specialize in art direction & animation, located in Buenos Aires. Established in 2017 by Directors Milton Gonzalez & Valeria Moreiro with Producer Roberto Connolly, they combine their respective strengths across a variety of animation styles and mediums with a shared desire to always push the creative boundaries and experiment with bold new ways of visual problem-solving. Unbound by a single style, they have created a breadth of varied content for clients including IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, Pepsi, Verizon, AMEX, Geico, and Facebook, among others.